Zion Convention Begins with Amazing Miracles in Umuahia

  •  BY COLLINS NKWOCHA in Umuahia•

It is not an arrangement, neither is anyone trying to be fictitious, but based on what is happening in the Christian world today arrangement of miracles have suddenly come as a means of livelihood to some.

Men of God contract people and pay them huge amount of money to fake the touch of God, which many see as callous, disdainful and unscrupulous act, which has brought a lot of doubt to the availability of the power of God.

The atmosphere at Zion Heritage and Miracles Ministry’s convention in Umuahia, capital of Abia State was simply incredible, being the first day of the convention.

Much was not really expected in the juxtaposition with other churches’ events, but the mandated prophet, Bishop Okwudili Eze brought down the presence of God in an usual manner, as series of miracles took place instantly, deliverances from satanic bondages and prophecies from the throne of grace.

The lovely and beautiful wife, Pastor Ifeoma Eze alongside with Pastor Mike Kingson was present at the programme, continues by 5pm (Saturday) today.

The outpouring of the spirit of the Host High God is expected to continue this Saturday evening.

More photos on the event Saturday morning…



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