Why TASCE Became ‘Sambisa College’ of Education, Omu-Ijebu


As long as human beings live on the surface of the earth, history shall continue to be made. In the history of Nigerian tertiary institutions, like other countries, students and security apparatus are never good friends. There has never been a time they simultaneously cohabit in any campus, as one will always give room for the other.

Unfortunately, the case of Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu-Ijebu is presently not the case. The students, members of staff have been cohabiting with detachment of over 30 heavily armed regular and mobile policemen with minimum of three Hilux vehicles each day for more than five weeks when the College is not in a warfront.

The policemen now freely walk unrestricted within the campus intimidating the helpless and unarmed staffers. The ploy was marshalled by the management to further silence staffers from agitating for the collection of over 60 months of unpaid salary and forcefully pay 50 per cent salary per month unabated for almost three years, amongst other legitimate demands for better welfare.

Surprisingly, the college has been turned to makeshift police barrack.  The students, who are glorified secondary students, feel 100 per cent comfortable to write 2018/2019 1st semester exams and start 2nd semester lectures in the midst of policemen. It is quite unfortunate that the proverbial cats and the rats have unusually become friends.

This shows the level of mediocrity of the students watching their life builders (staffers) being intimidated for demanding their legitimate rights and hence no lawful steps ever taken by them (students).

By this act of deployment of policemen to intimidate, TASCE can now be referred to as SAMBISA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, OMU-IJEBU. It is even recommended that the name be changed to the latter. It is only where criminals are intended to be combed for arrest that there is permanent/temporary detachment of policemen to cordon the abode of the criminals as currently available in TASCE.

The time will tell on the sustainability of the unusual scenario in the College. It should be noted that a “king” that turns a forest to a city and a “king” that turns a city to a forest, history will not forget either of the two kings. People should remember the law of Karma in their today’s deed.

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