Why Ihedioha Lost By Senator Onwe


Senator Emmanuel Onwe of Ebony state has given more insight why Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State lost his position to Senator Hope Uzodinma at the Supreme Court Tuesday evening.

Onwe, who is also a lawyer and human rights activist, said Governor Ihedioha won a unanimous judgement at the tribunal and majority judgement at the Court of Appeal.

“The minority judgement was devastating for Ihedioha’s case because the judge gave a legal analysis of the highest calibre. Once I read that dissenting judgement, I came to the solid conclusion that Senator Hope Uzodinma would prevail at the Supreme Court. And he has!

“For instance, the result from 383 polling units from Orlu zone, which was the bastion of Uzodinma’s political support, was not taken into account at the tribunal.

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“INEC did not contest the results emanating from those polling units one way or the other. The minority judgement computed the total results of Imo State gubernatorial election to include those omitted 383 polling units.

“This gave Uzodinma a majority of about 33,000 votes over Ihedioha. Furthermore, by excluding those polling units from Ihedioha’s results, he failed the constitutional requirement of attaining 25% of the votes in at least two-thirds of the local government areas in the state.

“The Electoral Act recognises results from only two sources: INEC and the Police. Police witnesses, giving them irrefutable authenticity, tendered the results from the 383 polling units.

“Ihedioha was declared a winner with a margin of victory lower than the excluded votes.

“Therefore, once you acquaint yourself with the facts of the case, the evidence presented and match them against the stipulations of the law, you will come to a rational conclusion,” Senator Onwe stressed.

Nigerians continue to express their views on the Supreme Court judgement….

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