When Nwasike Bowed out of Alpha Mead


One of Nigeria’s foremost oil and gas engineers, Obi Nwasike, recently retired as the Chairman of Alpha Mead Group, a company he co-founded over a decade ago.

Taking over the mantle of leadership of the company from Nwasike, is another tested player in the oil and gas sector of the economy, Mr. Mutiu Somonu, former managing director of Shell.

Nwasike addressed the staff of the property management company at a ceremonial occasion in Lagos recently. His speech:

“It gives me great pleasure and a profound sense of fulfillment to write to you all, this parting notes. Great pleasure, because I am indeed proud of what; with the collaboration of all of you; we have built over this past 12 years, and fulfillment because I am not just retiring today as chairman of your board, but I am honored to pass on the mantle to a worthy and esteemed successor.

Having walked through various roles across different organizations, I am very aware that a leader cannot be considered successful until his successor is; but the direction we have taken and the choice of person who emerged as the in-coming board chairman are testimonies that I can sleep with my two eyes closed, knowing that all is well with Alpha Mead – a company we started with just five employees on the first day in a one-room office in Oniru; which we have nurtured, groomed and built together to become one of Africa’s Real Estate powerhouses, with a growing staff strength of close to 2,000 across Africa. So, you’d understand that my fulfillment of today is not just psychological, it is deeply emotional.

Like every successful business, building Alpha Mead was not a tea party. It came with its challenges and demands on all of us. But I tell you, friends, through all these, I have been extremely motivated and encouraged by your deep sense of commitment and passion for the vision of Alpha Mead. Every time, I sit at the head of the boardroom table, visit the Alpha Mead office, or engage on behalf of Alpha Mead, I see a set of people bonded by a collective zeal to make a real difference in the African Real Estate space.

And on that note, permit me to commend the uncanny ability and leadership capabilities of my friend and brother, Olufemi Kayode Akintunde, as I have fondly called him over the years. It takes a lot to cascade vision in such a palpable manner that you can almost touch it. Little wonder then, at the unity of purpose that I have enjoyed, leading Alpha Mead over these years.

Femi, when you put the call through to me that fateful day in 2006, I never knew the extent of the journey we were about to embark. But I trusted you; and today, I’d like to declare, it has been worth every step and mile we have traveled (with others) together. Thank you for being a cynosure of good leadership, a trusted friend, and a dependable ally.

To my co-board members, I thank you for the sound judgment, experience, and expertise you bring to the table. By the time you’re reading this, friends, the essence of – Inflection – the theme of my send forth ceremony and reception of the in-coming chairman would be well in place.

So whatever your relationship with Alpha Mead may be, an employee, a board member, a supplier, industry stakeholder or strategic partner, I have a personal request: that you will give Mutiu all the support to take our cherished Alpha Mead to the next level of greatness.

I will also like to remind you that the core business principles of Alpha Mead are not just fine words written to beautify frames in our offices. They have life and are heavily pregnant with meanings.  I, therefore, charge you to continue being driven by this mission, motivated by our vision and live by our core values.

To the incoming chairman, I have no doubt in your ability. Providing strategic leadership for businesses is a well-navigated terrain for you. So, I think best wishes and congratulations are ideal for today.

To all board members of Alpha Mead, thank you for all you did for me as chairman, thank you for all you have been doing, and thank you for all you will do for Mutiu. I have enjoyed every debate we had, and I take full responsibility for all the outcomes that didn’t go as planned. But I will continue to cherish our times together and all that we did to bring Alpha Mead up to this pedestal.

To all Alpha Mead employees, one thing Femi has always shared with me and never misses an opportunity to brandish; is the quality of skills, diversity of thought, and beauty of collaboration you all bring to work every day. I tell you this, he’s extremely proud of all you do and the height you all have taken Alpha Mead. I encourage you not to rest on your oars. Continue to push the boundaries; break new grounds; open new markets, and never get tired of cementing Alpha Mead’s position as Africa’s Real Estate powerhouse.

On this note friends and colleagues, I wish you all the best as Alpha Mead reaches another strategic milestone and look forward to the news of greater heights.”

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