We will Not Derail in Our Struggle, Says Odikpo, MASSOB Leader


The Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and Biafra Independence movement (BIM) Delta South zone has vowed to resist any act capable of disrupting the actualisation of their objective.

In a statement made available to journalists Thursday in Warri, and signed by Comrade Joseph Odikpo, the movement revealed that everything have been put in place for the creation of the Biafra Republic.
According to Odikpo, who is the elder in council of the two bodies, “We therefore call on our people from the south – East, south – south and parts of the middle Belt to be fully committed to the struggle
which have since become a reality in the face of world leaders, such as the United State of America, Russia, Great Britain and other notable countries.

“Biafra is the last hope of the black race because it is ready to right the wrong done to the people by Nigeria Government. We have therefore decided to free ourselves from this endemic slavery and man– in humanity attitude, said Odikpo in the two page statement.
“One thing is sure and that is, Biafra is not a Utopia, therefore as a nation, it requires a committed leadership and trusted followers to uplift her dream”, Odikpo, a staunch member of the body further said, insisting that God Almighty has since approved of the Struggle.
While admonishing the Igbos and others to continue to be of good behaviour, the Elder in Council maintained that any act, capable of ridiculing them would be strongly resisted, stressing that the time has come for the people to take their destiny in their own land.
Comrade Odikpo however commended President Donald Trump of America for his leadership quality, adding that the struggle for the actualisation of the Republic of Biafra will usher in good governance for the Igbos.

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