We Do Not Teach Courses on LGTB, Surrogate Motherhood Rights, Says UNN


Authorities of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu Campus has denied the allegation that its law faculty is teaching courses in Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, (LGBT) rights and surrogacy.

In a statement by the university, the management said the “attention of the administration of the University of Nigeria has been drawn to a social media campaign sponsored by the Society for Promotion of Cultural…. The campaign of calumny, which is currently trending on the social media, alleges that our Faculty of Law is teaching second year students a course in Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, (LGBT) rights and surrogacy.

“The campaign is soliciting signatures from the public to compel the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Enugu Campus to revoke the courses on LGBT rights and surrogate motherhood right.

“The campaign, disseminated through www.citizengo.org, is ridiculous and a complete fabrication from a group whose aim is to tarnish the glowing reputation of our Faculty of Law and that of the University of Nigeria.

“This is to state categorically that the Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria, is teaching no such course.

“Let it be stated also that it is not within the administrative jurisdiction of the DVC, UNEC to approve and abrogate curriculum as that is the preserve of the University Senate,” the statement said.

The university admitted that the Faculty of Law teaches Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act in the Criminal Law Class, as it is part of the penal codes of the land and which the students must be properly informed.

It advised the general public to disregard the ranters, and instead, they should check the University handbook for contents of all our Law courses.

2 thoughts on “We Do Not Teach Courses on LGTB, Surrogate Motherhood Rights, Says UNN

  1. uzoukwu stephanie

    I am a second year law student at the university of Nigeria and LGBT and SURROGACY is not part of our course outline it has never even been discussed as a topic in class this petition is just an intentional act to defame and malign our incredible lecturers who have done nothing but teach us to be strong independent people and care for women and children in need we learn with CEDAW and child’s right act and also CRC and non this has anything to do with LGBT I don’t understand how an organization could confidently start a petition that is totally false all effort should be put in to expose this organization for the liars and crooks that they are.

  2. Kelvin

    My name is kelvin a second year law student of university of Nigeria, people should get the difference between LGBT and rights of children and women, I mean what’s the relation. Please I will advise the person who published such fallacy should play her politics well and stop staining the the reputation of those that has worked hard to get to where they are now


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