Trademark: Golden Guinea drags Pabod Breweries to court


Golden Guinea Breweries, Umuahia in Abia State has dragged Pabod Breweries Limited, to a Federal High Court in Port Harcourt in Rivers State over an alleged infringement of Golden Guinea’s trademark for the production of Eagle Stout.

Golden Guinea Breweries is seeking the court to award N10 billion general damages against Pabod Breweries for the alleged infringement.

Golden Guinea Breweries Plc wants the court to declare that as the rightful owner of the trademark “Eagle Stout” registered as No. 21153 in class 32 at the Nigerian Trademarks Registry, Abuja, it is entitled to the exclusive use of the mark for the production, sales and distribution of the product in the Nigerian market.

In addition to the N10 billion general damages sought by Golden Guinea, it is also seeking N10 million aggravated damages from Pabod Breweries.

Among other demands, Golden Guinea Breweries is also seeking the court to order for the destruction of all infringing “Eagle Stout” products, in the possession/custody or control of Pabod Breweries, the sale, and distribution.

Pabod Breweries Limited was one of the three brewing companies in Nigeria owned by SABMiller prior to the October 2016 acquisition by Belgian brewer AB InBev. The company is located in Rivers State.

As a result in December 2017, AB InBev completed the merger of its three breweries in Nigeria – Pabod Breweries Limited, International Breweries plc and Intafact Beverages Limited. They were all folded into the name International Breweries Plc.

However, Golden Guinea Breweries first opened for business in 1963 following the post-independence of Nigeria. The company was then known as Independence Brewery Limited. It started with an annual capacity of 1 million gallons.

In 2003, the firm suffered a fire outbreak at its facilities, which damaged equipment leading to the shutdown of the company. The company is located in Abia State.

The Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM) recently gave a grant of N3.6 billion to the management of Golden Guinea Breweries Plc in an attempt to get the company back to life.

In 1971, the company changed its name to Golden Guinea Breweries and four years later, it was revamped and an extension built by the German firm Coutinho Caro, which later participated in an equity offering, issued by the firm.

The new investor, Pan Marine Investment Limited, has promised to bring the company back to life later this year. The company holds franchise rights to produce and market Golden Guinea Beer, Holsten Brewery’s Bergedorf premium lager beer and Bergedorf Malta in Nigeria.

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