Top Ten Leading Power Ministries


Miracles are evidence of the existence of the supernatural. Jesus Christ performed a lot of miracles while he was on earth, He said that those that believe in him, would do greater things than he did. Miracles make us to believe that there is really God. BY COLLINS NKWOCHA, here presents some notable Ministries whose clerics have stupendous power gifts for miracles

  1. SIGN FIREMAN MINISTRIES: The ministry, which is headed by Dr. Sign Fireman, has witnessed raw and mind blowing miracles. Its world miracle invasion programme has witnessed awesome and stupendous miracles, with God dealing with impossible cases that are beyond human comprehension. Dr. Sign Fireman likes dealing with impossible cases and situations. The blind see!, The lane walk, The deaf hear, The dumb speak. Power demonstration of Dr. Sign Fireman is unique that you start to imagine if miracles are so easy to perform, the simplicity with which he attains results is so dynamic; his miracles are epochal and stupendous. Sign Fireman ministry is a place you witness raw demonstration of power, the Herculean task of performing miracles is made so by Dr. Sign Fireman. God is using him to give hope to the hopeless and ultimately give their lives a meaning; he is comfortably sitting at number one.
  2. THE LORD’S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MINISTRIES:The ministry headed by Pastor Lazarus Mouka is known for power demonstration; it is a ministry that has produced a lot of miracles. The ministry really exploded beyond human imagination, under few years of existence with branches in almost all part of the world, it is ranked number two.
  3. CHRIST EMBASSY:The ministry headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome got into limelight through performing of miracles, every Lagosian will always remember “Atmosphere for miracles” it was the miracle programme that changed the face of the ministry. The ministry, which is a healing ministry, has touched lives greatly through the founder; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hence, the ministry is ranked number three.
  4. SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS:Prophet T.B Joshua heads the ministry; it is one of the ministries that people have been visiting for solutions. T.B Joshua is a very popular prophet, his ministry attracts expatriates to the country, a lot of people have gotten solutions to their problems through him. He is sitting at number four.
  5. DIVINE DIVINITY CHRIST MINISTRIES:A dynamic man of God with great apostolic mandate heads the ministry, and the ability to turn their situations around and proffer solutions has made Prophet Chinedu Isaac the founder of the ministry a great force in Lagos. His prophetic grace is complemented with stupendous power gift, which enables him command results. Various sicknesses and diseases have been cured through this ministry, healing of 12 years ulcer, healing of heart problems and every other issue of life, the ministry is a solution centre that proffers solutions to all kinds of issues through his humble servant. It is one of the ministries that God has empowered in this endtime to liberate his people, and it is located at 17, Femi Ajide Street, Ago last bus-stop, by Kilimanjaro, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos. The ministry is sitting comfortably at number five.
  6. GREATER LIBERATION CITY:The name of the ministry indicates power, you cannot liberate someone if you are not strong, you must have power gift to run the type of ministry that Dr. Chris Okafor runs. His ministry has affected lives positively, his wonderful power gift has been channeled towards liberating people, that is why it is one of the impact making deliverance ministries in Lagos; the ministry is at number six.
  7. (JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP) RESURRECTION PRAISE MINISTRIES:Archbishop Samson Benjamin Mustapha heads the ministry, he might be a controversial cleric, but without being hysterical, his ministry is one of the leading power ministries in the land, as people go the church to seek for solutions to problems. To be very candid, without any sentimental inclination the ministry has proffered solutions to people, with evidence, the ministry is at number seven.
  8. DIVINE APPOINTMENT MINISTRY:Headed by Rev Ben Eragba, his healing and deliverance programme WAR AGAINST SATANIC MANIPULATIONSis a major deliverance and healing programme in Lagos. Rev Ben is a major force in the power ministry, the programme attracts people from all class of life, the programme does witness massive congregants, ranging from 15,000 to 20,000, it has made the ministry a major force in Lagos, it is at number eight.
  9. HOUSE OF LOVE AND FIRE MINISTRY:The ministry is headed by a firebrand man of God, Pastor Frank Uche; it is a real deliverance ministry that God has established in this endtime in order to give his children freedom from witchcraft powers, marine power, occultive powers, ancestral and all type of foundational curses. God has used his servant to deal with great issues and set his people free; Pastor Frank is a real deliverance minister that can deal with any issue that is tormenting your life, the ministry is located at 20, Ikeja Road, Ilovoe bus-stop, Ikotun, Lagos. The ministry is currently still being used by God to deal with impossible cases, it is at number nine.

10 PEACE OF GOD PRAYER MINISTRY:Jointly headed by Pastor Mrs. Allen, the ministry has produced great and wonderful miracles through these servants of God that functions effectively in their areas. It is a ministry that God sit up to liberate his people from the bondage and shackles of the devil you witness raw demonstration of power of the almighty God in the ministry, the barren conceive, the blind see, the lane walk. God has used it to revive and give hope to the hopeless, the ministry is located at 16, Joshua Okeowo Street, Aso rock bus-stop, Abaranje Road, Ikotun, Lagos, it is sitting at number ten.

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