Top 20 Deliverance Ministries in Nigeria


Many have considered Nigeria and Africa at large as home of black power, as people are barricaded, restricted and regulated by deities and forces. Many people are under ancestral, foundational and generational courses. Deities and powers that people have refused to worship because of the advent of Christianity are still haunting and making life miserable for them which makes deliverance imperative and essential. COLLINS NKWOCHA provides the reader with the leading deliverance ministries in Nigeria where spiritual issues are tackled with ease

  1. MOUNTAIN OF FIRE AND MIRACLES MINISTRIES: Olukoya is praying machine, he is undisputedly the number deliverance minister in Nigeria. This ministry is centred on deliverance and warfare prayers, as people have made (Prayer City) the campground of the ministry as the major place to deal with issues. He wrote deliverance books like “Violent Prayers To Disgrace Stubborn Problems”, “Prayer Warfare Against 70 Mad Spirits,” and people come in from and outside Nigeria to deal with issues. He is no one
  2. CHRISTIAN PENTECOSTAL MISSION: Dr. O. Ezekiel is a real deliverance minister, he has stupendous gift of power, which makes him dreaded by demons and powers, he is called: “demon bulldozer” by those who have privileged to partake from his rare anointing though he is blind, but that is never a limitation to the raw power that God has given to him.
  3. THE ENDTIME SOUL HARVESTERS ASSEMBLY:Prophet Godwin Ibeji carries both prophetic and power gift, that is why the ministry serves as both prophetic and deliverance ministry. It is one of the major places you can have your spiritual issues terminated. The ministry recently organised a Family Liberation Programmein Lagos and issues were settled in peoples respective states, communities and villages, it is a place you can be from all kinds of Satanic manipulations, and it is located at 6, Salvation Army Street, Oke-Afa bus-stop, Ejigbo road.
  4. Muoka

    THE LORD’S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MINISTRIES:The ministry is headed Pastor Lazarus Muoka who hails from Imo State. The ministry has provided a lot of answers to deliverance issues, as Pastor Muoka is greatly gifted with raw power for deliverance, one of the major reasons behind the rapid growth of the ministry.

  1. Ijeoma

    DIVINE DIVINITY CHRIST MINISTRIES:It is one of the Major deliverance Churches in Lagos; Prophet Chinedu Isaac Ijeoma, a great seer with apostolic mandate, heads the ministry. The ministry has been liberating people from all kinds of spiritual issues, and is a notable place to seek for spiritual solutions regarding deliverance from the great man of God, who has the mandate to liberate people. The ministry is Located at 17, Femi Ajide Street, Ago Last bus-stop, by Kilimanjaro, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.

  2. SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS:Prophet T.B Joshua is so popular that he does not need much introduction, his ministry which is located at Ikotun is major place for deliverance cases, people come from outside Nigeria for this purpose, the ministry is ranked at number six.
  3. MIRACLE ASSEMBLY BIBLE CHURCH:The ministry is located at 80, Agose Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos. It is one of the few ministries that offer you the Prophetic and deliverance in totality, Bishop Theophilus Ugochukwu is a true man of God with divine mandate to liberate people. He said that God told him that anyone that comes in contact with him would never remain the same. Truly, God has used him to deliver a lot of people from the powers of the occult, witchcraft manipulations and all kinds of spiritual issues. He is a real deliverance minister that God has brought out in the last days to liberate people.
  4. GREATER LIBERATION CITY:The name of the ministry has explained the mandate of the church, headed by Dr. Chris Okafor. Many people in Lagos have gotten solutions through this ministry.
  5. LAND OF GRACE HEALING MINISTRY: Chukwuemeka Odigbo who is a great deliverance minister, has proved this in all ramifications. The ministry is located at 5, Land of Grace Avenue, Moshalashi bus-stop, Igando road, Ikotun, Lagos. The ministry has given hope to the hopeless, and is one of the major leading deliverance ministries in Nigeria, which is currently experiencing rapid growth.
  6. RHEMA DELIVERANCE MISSION: Anene Nwachukwu is a deliverance minister, and very popular here in Lagos. His ministry is one of the leading deliverance churches in Nigeria, garnering national and international recognition.
  7. BLESSED LIFE BIBLE CHURCH: Dr. H.O Dike is a man of God with exceptional anointing, with has raw power gift for healing and deliverance. He is a genuine man of God that stands for the truth, he is one those God have preserved for himself in these perilous days. God has used his ministry to perform a lot of incredible and mind blowing miracles. It is located at 79, Isheri Oshun road, Aso rock bus stop, Bucknor, Lagos.
  8. SIGN FIREMAN MINISTRIES: Sign Fireman possesses raw power for healing, prophecy and deliverance. He said that Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him that there will never be an impossible case before him, hence his ministry tortures demons and you hear them speak and cry.
  9. (JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP) RESURRECTION PRAISE MINISTRY:Archbishop Benjamin Samson Mustapha is a great force when you talk of deliverance in Nigeria. He is endowed with power that can command instant judgement on your enemy. The result-oriented nature of his deliverance and miracles is the major reason why he is called: “JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP.”
  10. GRACE FOUNTAIN FOR LIFE INT’L ASSEMBLY:Apostle Onyema Ekwueme is a great man of God with great power for deliverance, reason why a lot of people come to him for family liberation and other related issues. Besides this, the ministry has affected many lives positively, while impossible situations and cases have been dealt with. The ministry is located around Alake bus stop, Ikotun – Idimu road.
  11. DIVINE APPOINTMENT MINISTRY: Ben Eragbai is blessed with heavy apostolic mandate, which he has used to affect a lot of lives positively. Besides the fact that the ministry is making great impact, God has used this servant to liberate a lot of souls from the shackles of the enemies. His annual programme: “War against satanic manipulations” still remains one of the most effective deliverance programmes.
  1. DIVINE CHOSEN VINE MINISTRIES:This is a result – oriented deliverance ministry that God made available to deal with issues and liberate his people. Dr. Godwin and Dr. Prophetess Chukwudire have the mandate from the Almighty God to execute and deal with all kinds of issues regarding deliverance. People come from all over Nigeria to camp for deliverance purpose in this ministry and due to the fact that people get results in this ministry, it has become one of the leading deliverance camps in Nigeria. The ministry is located at Jakande Gate, Ikotun – Ejigbo road, Lagos.
  2. GLOBAL REVIVAL FAITH MINISTRIES:Evangelist Patrick Ogubuobi, who is a real deliverance minister that torture demons, heads the ministry. He has great power and prophetic gift, as God has used him to liberate many people in this end time. The ministry is also known for fervent and radical prayers, because the founder is a prayer warrior. The ministry is located at 75, Femi Killa Street, Lord’s bus-stop, Ago Palaceway, Lagos.
  3. GOD’S WARRIOR RHEMA MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL:Founded by Apostle Charles Freeman Okafor, it is one of the notable deliverance ministries in the land, giving solutions to people’s problems and giving their lives a meaning. Apostle Freeman has got the divine mandate to deal with any kind of issue that has barricaded once life. He is currently on African tour, dealing with issues and setting the captives free.
  4. PEACE OF GOD PRAYER MINISTRY:The ministry is located at 16, Okeowo Street, Aso Rock bus-stop, Abaranje road, Ikotun, Lagos. The ministry provides everything in totality as Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Allen both combine prophetic and power gift. The prayer ministry is one of the leading deliverance places in Nigeria that witness and hear demon cry and manifest. At the ministry you witness and see the raw demonstration of power.
  5. KINGDOM POWER CHURCH INTERNATIONAL:Apostle Bright Chimezie Ebenezer is a man that is blessed with raw power of the Almighty God. He possesses a rare anointing, and believes so much in the power of prayer, no wonder Dr. Olukoya is his role model. Kingdom power church is a place to visit if you have deliverance issue, and it’s  located at Barrister Adebosun Street, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.

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