STRANGE: Medical Doctor Runs  Berserk, Private Part Rots After ‘Yahoo’ Fraudsters Forced her to Wear Old Pant



Strange and unbelievable as it sounds, the weird stories of Women pants being used for rituals, has been proven to be true.

Special Investigation Bureau (SIB) of the Lagos State Police Command is said to be unravelling the mystery surroundings an alleged Yahoo Pant ritual perpetuated against a 31- year- old female medical practitioner and Staff of National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos.

The victim, a Warri, Delta State born Physiotherapist, who identified her names as Dr. Rachael Godwin, narrated to our Correspondent, at the Police headquarters Ikeja, Lagos, how his boy friend named Olumide connived with her neighbour, identified as Helen and forced her old Pant on her.

The medical doctor

According to her, shortly after the incident, she lost consciousness of her environment, and was certified mad before she was taken to Ibadan; Oyo state for psychiatric and spiritual treatment, where she was healed of the ritual induced mental illness.

Meanwhile, Olumide, Helen and another member of the Yahoo gang, now in police custody, were said to have confessed that the ritual sacrifice with Dr. Rachael’s pant, fetched them two thousand USA dollars ($ 2000) through one of their fraud client from Alaska in USA.

Olumide, was said to have also confessed that the $2000 was converted into N750,000 and shared allocating the sum of N350,000 for himself, N300,000 to Helen, and N100,000 to the other member of their gang.

While narrating her ordeal, Dr. Rachael, who now talks with difficulty and incoherently, as a result of the alleged attempt by Olumide to strangle her, after the crime was exposed, stated thus: “I met Olumide sometime in January 2018 at a BRT bus from Ikorodu to Ikeja, and we exchanged contact.

“We kept in touch and along the line, I gave him treatment to cure the gonorrhoea he had earlier contacted. He hypnotised me that whatever he request from me, I will do. I had to pay his accumulated hotel bill of N185, 000.

“He took me to his father’s house at an unhealthy environment at Ikosi, Ikorodu,  I pitied his condition. So when in November 2018, I got my own house, he came to stay with me for some time.” On December 12th, 2018, he said he wanted to buy Venza SUV valued at N11.8 million.

“Before then, we had opened a joint Account in a bank, used my house documents to borrow loan for him and had initiated process to close my cooperative Account.

“December 14th, 2018, he visited my house and gave me one of my old pants to wear. I objected because I had worn a nicker -boxer already   and was not comfortable with the pant. He now went and brought my neighbour called Helen and they forced the pant on me. I lost consciousness and became mad. Later, sores, blood started dripping from my private part.

“I did not suspect that the pant incident was the cause of my madness until January, 2019, that Olumide visited my house and I had recovered from my madness. I was doing my midnight prayers as was instructed by my Pastor after I attended church Thanksgiving service.

“That night, while I was praying, Olumide jumped out of the bed and started shouting, begging me to stop the prayers, confessing that he was responsible for my madness and that the white man from Alaska has sent $ 2000 dollars, which they shared.

“After the confession, Olumide made another attempt to strangle me, leading to the injury in my tongue and mouth,( opening her mouth to show deep wound inside) , which is the reason I am unable to talk well again”, Dr. Rachael lamented.

As at time of this report, the suspects were said to be undergoing interrogation at SIB.

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