Soldiers fighting Boko Haram Condenms promotion of Jos soldiers


Some soldiers fighting Boko Haram insurgency in the North East has rejected the approval given by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai for the promotion of soldiers who unraveled the disappearance and subsequent death of the retired former Chief of Administration of the Army, Major General Idris Alkali.
Some of the soldiers deployed to the the North East theatre of war against Boko Haram on Sunday said they were dissatisfied that despite the sowing of their sweat and blood to fight insurgency, they are made to harvest nothing.
They said it was like a case of adding insult to their wounds and bruised egos, the Chief of Army Staff recent approval of promotion for soldiers sent to Jos, Plateau State to unravel the disappearance and subsequent death of retired former Chief of Administration of the Army, Major General Idris Alkali.
Some of the soldiers in the North East, who spoke to journalists on condition of anonymity, said: “The Chief of Army Staff promoted soldiers that went for the rescue and search operation of Major General IM Alkali in Jos but neglected the soldiers in the northeast whose lives are in danger everyday and are also dying every day.”
They said: “This is unfair and even added to further demoralised us. What death has the soldiers sent to Jos faced, what threat on the nation have they ward off?
“We are daily being killed by threat from insurgents who have only one mission to disintegrate this nation and to wreak havoc on its citizenry. What have been our rewards?
“Many of us have not seen our wives and children for years, some of us our family are not sure we are still alive and the COAS just show of what worth we are to the nation by not thinking of promoting first before those given a much more easier task in Jos.”
They lamented that they have had to face “soulless Boko Haram, sleep in trenches for months, leave on rations, where is our reward.”
Just at the weekend, a video surfaced on the social media which showed the level of dissatisfaction among the soldiers.
The soldiers, in the video protested that the equipment given to them are obsolete and that their task was made difficult by this.
Some of the soldiers, who were apparently aggrieved, asked that the federal government should come to their aid, lamenting that they were been used by greedy officers to make money.
They said: “The T72 tank was made in 1983 by Slovakia, you can’t fire more than two rounds before it will hang.
“We are all graduates and millennium soldiers so we know what is going on, all the arms given to us is outdated.”
They lamented that “they (BH) call us Zombies, that we do not know our right. Nigeria Army is buying nonsense from Innoson motors; all their vehicles are substandard and cannot without the heat.”

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