SCIID, Curbing   Insecurity in Lagos


By Collins Nkwocha•

Security of   lives and properties is one   of the major responsibility of the government, it is very explicit for anyone to see that crime rate in Lagos State has reduced drastically as it thrives to meet up the mega city status.

In the past, Lagosians lived in fear, and insecurity, criminals and bandits were so egoistic, arrogant   and confident that they had the temerity, the audacity and the effrontery to inform residents of their coming   before hand causing people to live in dilemma, fear and helplessness.

The rebranding   and the initiative to restructure the state criminal investigation and intelligence Department (SCIID) has contributed immensely in allaying the security threat in Lagos.

People in the department are given special training, seminars and lectures to be able to meet up with the 21-century security demand. The men of the raiders team of the (SCIID) who are deployed to various nooks and cranny of the state, have really helped to curb crime and nefarious acts within the state.

This is a result of the initiative from the new Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of SCIID, Mrs. Yetunde Longe, as the Department has handled over 200 criminal cases within the past four months.

It is apparent that Mrs. Longe has brought sanity to the SCIID, and the men of the   raiders team are doing an excellent job, especially the ones that were deployed to notorious areas like Idimu, Ejigbo, Ikotun and Ikeja.




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