SACRILEGE: Randy General Overseer in A Mess, Involved in Multiple Marriage Scandals      


•Two female pastors fight dirty at his another secret church wedding venue•


Wonders of what some of these so-called men of God do will never cease. This is even so, as three pastors are currently enmeshed in a multiple marriage scandal that is fast tearing the foundation of their Churches apart.

At the centre of the scandal, was the planned secret wedding with a wealthy blind female pastor named  Wonder, which was said to have been hatched by an alleged randy pastor and General Overseer ( G.O)  of the Christ Like Evangelical Mission, Abule Area of Ogun State, Mr Emmanuel Taiwo Olusegun.

Olusegun is said to have had six children, from six different marriages, including that of a Delta State born International Missionary and pastor, Vicky, that accused her husband of abandoning her, over three years ago, after her N5 million was squandered by the GO.

In what maybe likened to a show of shame and open washing of dirty ‘ religious’ clothes in public, the embittered Pastor Vicky, last Saturday, October 19th, 2019, accompanied by some bloggers, allegedly drove her Jeep from Ogun state, stormed and disrupted his estranged husband’s secret wedding with pastor Wonder, at Ikotun, Lagos.

The unexpected appearance of Pastor Vicky at the Triumphant Base Global Ministry wedding venue, located at No. 6 Matthew Ojo Street, Off White House Bus stop, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos State, created panic and confusion, which brought the cake cutting rite of the marriage ceremony by the new couple to an abrupt halt, as some of the guests who heard her allegations, immediately left the venue in anger.

Wiping his face in disbelief, the bewildered embattled husband, Pastor Emmanuel Olusegun Taiwo, suddenly fainted, passed out, but was revived by his best man.

However, his new bride, the Akwa Ibom State-born Pastor Wonder, who could not immediately understand what went wrong, due to her partial blind condition, was heard loudly asking what the problem was, from her Chief Bride’s maid, who interestingly happened to be her daughter from another marriage.

Beaming with smile of victory and a sense of satisfaction after disrupting his husband’s secret wedding ceremony, the now elated Pastor Vicky, in an interview with The Lead, narrated how her husband abandoned her, six children from other marriages, his Church and congregation at Abule Area of Ogun State and eloped with Pastor Wonder to Lagos.

Vicky, who claimed to have travelled around the world, with her Global Missionary Ministry, located at Ijoko, Ogun State, stated thus: “My husband locked up our house and Church and ran away for over three years now.

“I have been searching for him and even had reported the matter at Ijoko Police Station. Fortunately, I received an information from one of his close confidant, that he will be wedding another woman on Saturday, hence I have come to expose him.

“He is a gold digger. Can you believe that he had married six times now with six children that he is not responsible for their upkeep before he married me in 2011, and we had our wedding at Ikeja Marriage Registry, though I don’t have a child for him.

“We started his church known as Christ Like Evangelical Mission with over N5 million that I raised through my Missionary Outreach and when he squandered my money, he started troubles and issues over my inability to bear him a child and subsequently turned me into his punching bag. His next move was to lock up our house, church and my belongings and absconded.

However, like a pot calling a kettle black in this web of religious scandal, Pastor Vicky just like the latest bride of the embattled G.O, Pasto Wonder, had previously been married with two children each and their former husbands are still living.

Reacting to the allegation of bigamy and fraudulent marriages levelled against him, Pastor Emmanuel Olusegun, told our correspondent that he has resigned from being a pastor.

“I got your messages, sorry, Iam no longer a pastor, I am just an ordinary brother in the church.

He accused pastor Vicky of murder and attempted murder. “It was Vicky that compelled me to resign from being a pastor. She cursed all my children and sent them away from my house. She beat up my mother and killed her. She poisoned me and I was stooling blood. You can confirm from her mother in the Lord, who resides in Lekki”, Lagos, he stated.

But Like a nightmare that refused to go away, Another woman identified as Elizabeth, has also come up to accuse Pastor Taiwo of abandonment, after marrying her and syphoning all the money his brothers overseas sent to her.

Elizabeth, who claimed that she had two children for the G.O, regretted that despite all her efforts in sponsoring the hospital bills of Pastor Taiwo, when he contacted a bloody infection, the embattled G.O, wore the expensive clothes and a pair of shoes she bought N70, 000 to wed another woman.

As the scandals continued to unravel, what was not clear as at press time, was if the latest bride, Pastor Wonder, was aware of all the unfolding past failed and abandoned marriages of Pastor Taiwo before the wedding.

This indeed was the concerns of some guests at the wedding, who claimed that the embattled Pastor Taiwo, may have contracted the marriage with the blind female Pastor Wonder, with the ulterior plan to take over her inherited wealth, which they listed as a Church located at Idi-Iroko area of Ogun State, money and eeal estate scattered within the country.

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