Presidential Election: I’ve Been Vindicated, Says Pastor Who Prophesied Buhari’s Reelection


Apostle Steve Eche who before the presidential election last Saturday prophesied that Nigerians should expect continuity, as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will announce President Muhammadu Buhari winner of the election despite defeat said he has been vindicated.

Eche, the founder of The Sovereign Throne of Mercy Ministry, Lagos, who has been attacked for his prediction, said the announcement of Buhari by INEC Wednesday morning is fulfillments of his prophesy.

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Election Prophesy: Expect Continuity, INEC Will Announce Buhari Winner Despite Defeat

  • Apostle Steve Eche is the founder of The Sovereign Throne of Mercy Ministry, Lagos. In an interview with The Lead (, the great apostle speaks on his revelation concerning the Saturday general election. He revealed the reason the election was postponed and how the INEC Chairman has been compromised by APC.COLLINS NKWOCHA presents the excerpts…

What did God tell you concerning the forthcoming election?

There will be no change of government. Everything you are seeing now will continue; I am telling you that the very administration you are seeing today in power will still be the administration that you will see thereafter the election, the election will be rigged to their favour.

Atiku will win the election but the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will announce Buhari as the winner. The postponement of the election was to perfect the arrangement to falsify the real outcome of the election and make it to the boon of the present administration.

The INEC chairman was contemplating on the lucrative offer before him, which was why they postponed it because he had not accepted the offer yet. But right now, everything is concluded, the election will be rigged mainly from three states,

Sir, it is very explicit that Nigerians are tired of APC administration. How would they react to this national disappointment?

The president only utilised the power at his disposal as the incumbent president. Africa at large is seriously mesmerised with the absolute greed. The news of the election will only generate or trigger little arguments in the nation; there will be no fighting or spilling of blood. Within a week everything will come to normal again.

I want to tell you emphatically that the election will be peaceful, but the result is what will leave Nigerians stupefied and daunted. The election will be rigged mainly from Sokoto, Kano and Zamfara.

Buhari is aged, do you see him completing the tenure if he truly wins based on your prophecies?

He will not see the end of the tenure. Osinbajo is the one that will complete Buhari’s tenure. I don’t even see him being the president until middle of the forthcoming tenure. Osinbajo is very active supporting this very administration, maybe because some prophets have revealed this to him. You know what it means to be the president of this great nation even for a day.

Osinbajo is only protecting his future, and please don’t blame him. The governor of Benue state should be very careful; he might not retain the seat.


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