Pentecost Truth Holds Annual Deliverance Programme


It was a great day of liberation as Pentecost Truth Ministries held her annual deliverance programme with the theme: “Dealing with Hindrances and Spiritual Cobwebs.”

There was a great outpouring of the spirit of God, as God used the host of the programme, Pastor Sam Adekoya, and his guest, Prophet Shedrack to deal with issues and settle stubborn cases.

According to Adekoya, “God gave me the revelation to start holding this programme. He gave it to me four years ago, he made me understand that many people are fighting the invisible battle, the book of Ezekiel 2 Vs. 13 makes us understand this.”

He said in Ezekiel 12vs 13, “the bible was talking about those who enter into nets, those who enter into spider webs and are taken to imprisonment spiritually, these causes delay and denial in their deeds and endeavours.

“The programme was organised by God Almighty himself in order to set his people free from the bondage of the devil.

He said, “a lot of people that have this problem are not aware of it, only very few of them feel the cobwebs physically “. He said that until one deals with this problem, the person will continue to experience delay and lack of progress. “The programme also made the congregants come with the broom for prophetic action. I told them to come with a broom because we are in a generation that believes in signs. The broom, has no power, the power is in the blood of Jesus Christ.”

The programme was a huge success as many miracles were recorded, and God used the opportunity to bless his people.

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