Our Ancestors Are Still Ruling Us


Prophet Joseph Odimegwu is founder of Messianic Word Ministries, one of the leading prophetic churches in the country. He speaks on the prophetic ministries and the state of the nation in an interview with COLLINS NKWOCHA

Prophet Odimegwu, why is everyone after the prophetic ministries these days?

The prophetic ministries are very imperative and decisive these days because we are in a very wicked world. This part of the world that we find ourselves is more glorified with such wickedness. Many people have died over the years because of lack of spiritual foresight, which the prophetic ministries offer. A lot of people died prematurely and in bondage because of lack of presence of the prophetic ministries in the past.

We must realise that the prophetic ministries did not emanate on it’s own, God saw it as a major need in these last days. We live in a world where your own father could be the cause of your problem, your mother, uncle, aunty, friend or any other close relative.

People have to visit the prophetic ministries in the quest to solutions to issues of life. You will certainly agree with me that the advent of the prophetic ministries has helped save a lot of souls from destruction.

We might have some bad ones among them, who just want to impoverish the people, but to be candid; the prophetic ministries have added a new flavour to Christianity.

What importance is the Prophetic Ministries in these last days?


Prophetic ministries give you insight into the future, it helps to get you ready for the future, it tells you the mind of God concerning yourself or whatsoever you are doing. God cannot come down from heaven to speak to you; he uses his servants, his prophets to tell you his mind. The prophetic ministries provide cover and warn against impending danger.

Sir, are you satisfied with the governance of this country?

I am not, though I am not a politician, but for the fact that I am in this country, whatsoever happens in this country affects me too; I must tell you something, our ancestors are governing us. Take a good look at our political scene; you will discover that those names you have been hearing since the 70s, 80s, and 90s are still the ones ruling us. How would there be positive change when our ancestors keep changing their portfolios in every government. Nigeria as a nation is stagnated because there is no fresh idea or creativity in our governance.

Is it right for a man of God (cleric) to be involved in governance?

Yes, a man of God can be involved in the governance of the nation, but he must not be the mantle carrier or the general overseer of his ministry because that will be total deviation from the work of God.

If he is the main man of the ministry, ministry work is so enormous that you cannot combine both without one suffering. The idea of having a man of God in governmental position is fantastic and laudable.

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