Osun: 35 Set to Boycott IPAC Programme Holding Thursday in Osogbo


No fewer than 35 political parties in Osun State have distanced themselves from participating in Thursday’s scheduled programme aim at covering the past mistakes, shame and lapses of the current IPAC Executive in Osun State.

The programme, which was billed to take place in Osogbo, had no contributions of the general congress of IPAC, which the Council’s Code of Conduct mandated to be crucial for any activities to be taken place in the Council.

Close to ten (10) months now the current set of IPAC executive in Osun State has not constituted any committee as enshrined in the IPAC Code of Conduct not to talk of summoning the general congress of IPAC for a meeting which the code of Conduct says the General Assembly shall meet, at least quarterly, also quorum for the meetings of the General Assembly, shall be formed by fifty percent of membership of the General Assembly.

From our research nothing of such has taken place. If there is any, then the register of such meeting should be shown to the public with their names, signatures and parties that attended such meeting(s).

According to Mr. Wole Adedoyin, who is the current Chairman of the Hope Democratic Party (HDP) and the Association of Progressive Political Parties (Osun APPPS) said some decisive steps has been taken to prohibit Osun IPAC Executive from infringing on the provisions of the Code.

For example when the Executive members failed to create a general WhatsApp group after 10 months of their inauguration as IPAC Executive for the general congress, Adedoyin said, his intervention into the matter gave them a run which made them to create the group last week.

On the programme scheduled to take place tomorrow, Mr. Adedoyin said  the programme is a selfish ploy by the present Chairman of IPAC to continue his bad leadership in office till 2020. But the fact remains that the general body of IPAC are fully aware of IPAC Chairman’s shortcomings and inadequacies.

The invitation of IPAC President, in person of High Chief Peter Ameh is another political ploy to confuse the general congress of IPAC in Osun State that they have the backup and support of IPAC National leadership despite their breached of the Code.

Using IPAC President’s presence in the programme to score a cheap political goal will eventually tell on the good image of the Council in the state.

On the concept and the theme of the scheduled programme, Adedoyin opined that IPAC Chairman and his exco members have been working with some people outside the Council who conceived the theme, content of the programme without the knowledge of the general body of IPAC.

The 2019 elections has come and gone followed by litigations and legal actions between the winners and the losers. 2022, 2023 and other future elections should be tabled to the audience. The House should move forward not backward. Only the mistakes of the 2019 election should be revisited.

Mr. Adedoyin observed that since the emergence of IPAC in the state, Idowu Omidiji’s tenure has been the best and historical. During the last Osun State Governorship election, he made at least three press releases aimed at ensuring peace and harmony during and after the last governorship election in the state.

There are proofs and evidences to buttress this point. Despite Chief Olusegun Agbaje’s efforts (Osun INEC REC) in ensuring the 2018 and 2019 general elections was successful, Osun IPAC never commended the Commission not even the political parties who were stakeholders, who ensured peace and harmony reigned during and after the 2019 general elections were also lauded.

Osun IPAC was even muted most when Chief Olusegun Agbaje MFR,mni (Osun INEC REC) was harassed and booed after attending a programme earlier last year by some hoodlums who happened to be political jobbers, some of us including my party, HDP made a strong statement  condemning the attack and defended the REC.

On a final note, Adedoyin believed Osun IPAC is not a property of some individuals who believed it’s their fundamental rights to impose those who are incapable of making any change or transforming the political space of the state. Such imposition should be shunned and trampled upon during the forthcoming IPAC election in the State.

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