Okorocha Demands Apology from Ihedioha for Alleged Assault on His Daughter


Senator Rochas Okorocha has demanded an apology from Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State for the assault meted on her daughter Mrs. Uloma Rochas Nwosu by officials of the state government.

Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, Special Adviser (Media) to Senator Rochas Okorocha in a press statement on Sunday, stated that on Friday, July 26, 2019, a member of the Committee on Recovery of Government Property set up by Governor Ihedioha and led by Mr. Jasper Ndubuaku slapped the daughter of the former governor of Imo State, Mrs. Uloma Rochas Okorocha when she went to the “ALL-IN” furniture store owned by the mother, to know why members of the committee invaded the store and began to tamper with the items including the ones inside the containers especially when the EFCC had marked the shop for investigation following their petitions to that effect.

The statement further stated that “three days after the ugly incident, neither the governor nor the government he heads or even the head of the Committee, has deemed it necessary to apologize to the woman, the family and the former governor. And they have not denied knowledge of the ugly incident like they had denied knowledge of similar cases in the past.

“It has, therefore, become necessary to ask the governor and his government to apologise to Mrs. Uloma Nwosu, the family and the former governor.

“It is even more disturbing that instead of doing the needful, the government dished out a very heartless falsehood, that mob wanted to lynch Mrs. Nwosu and their media collaborators who they had assembled the previous week and struck an ungodly deal with them, went to town with such unfounded story.

“In the history of Imo State, since its creation, Rochas Okorocha is the only person who had governed the State and after leaving office, the Children stayed behind in Owerri to run their businesses without a police escort and also move freely.

“The daughters have their shops in Owerri and are physically managing them. The first son, Aham Rochas Okorocha has his barbing Saloon along MCC/Uratta road and also managing it. No Imo man or woman can raise a finger against any member of Okorocha’s family.

“The achievements of Rochas Okorocha are available and verifiable. And that is why the PDP government’s efforts to blackmail the former governor have continued to hit the rock.

“The Ndubuaku-led Committee has no template. And that is why they storm private houses, offices, and shops under the guise that they have come to recover the government’s property.

“They do not have a list of what to recover. And they do not take inventory of what they carry away in the name of recovery. In other words, they can carry everything in someone’s house and say they are government property.

“In the case of Rochas Okorocha in 2011, he gave the Committee two weeks to recover government vehicles in the “hands of unauthorized persons”.

“The mission of that Committee was defined. And it was not targeted at Chief Ikedi Ohakim or Chief Achike Udenwa. But today, the governor gave the Committee open cheque to fill them.

“For the eight years Okorocha was governor, he never used his power as governor against any Imo man or woman or against opponents. But the reverse is the case today. The governor has enthroned fear in the State and the feeling is that if nothing is done to call him to order, he may begin to deal with the ordinary people after Okorocha’s family.

Okorocha alleged that the government of Ihedioha has not done anything, as its policy at the moment is to blackmail him (Okorocha) by every means possible, blackmail his family and his achievements.

“They have as a State policy to remove all the things Okorocha had used to beautify Owerri, the State Capital,” the statement further alleged.



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