Obuh Laments Crises in Nigerian Football


•Says “it seems that we don’t learn from our mistakes

Ex-Flying Eagles coach, John Sam Obuh, has lamented the crises in Nigerian Football even as he declared that it seems that ‘we don’t learn from our past mistakes”.

Obuh made the lamentation while fielding question from The Oracle Today Sports, Monday. According to the former African Youth Champions coach, the crisis in Nigeria Football is disheartening as it has a way of retarding the growth of the game in the country.

Coach Obuh stated this in exclusive telephone interview with the Oracle Today Sport while fielding questions on Eagles performance at the Mundial.

“It seems that we don’t learn our lessons from our pat mistakes. Why should we be engulfed in another crisis? Obuh queried.

“Just look at the crisis in Nigerian Football today and tell me why it should be so. Does it mean that we don’t learn from our past mistake?

“Look at the money that is coming to clubs after this World Cup. Had it been that we developed our local league, maybe we would have benefitted from the type of money flying around in the name of transfer,” Obuh opined.

“It seems that we are not looking towards that direction. Had it been that our local league is developed and let say about five or more players from the local league were taken to the World Cup and secure a transfer to the top leagues, you can imagine the type of gain we would that would have flown into the country.

“Why must we be doing the same thing all the time and still expect to get a different result? It is not possible. The current crisis in Nigerian Football is not necessary as far as I am concerned. And I don’t it that Nigerians are happy with the current situation of things in Nigerian football. We cannot be going on in circles,” Obuh said.

Speaking on the performance of the Super Eagles at the just-concluded 2018 FIFA World Cup, Obuh said the Super Eagles did well realizing that Croatia played in the final showed that if Eagles had done the right thing and stormed in the 2ndround of the competition, nobody would have known what would have known what would have been their situation at the end of the championship.

“I will not say that the Super Eagles did not do well at the Mundial considering the fact, that they were beaten by Croatia 2-0 in the group stage. With what has transpired since that game, it is obvious that had the Super Eagles made it to the 2ndround of the global football fiesta, nobody would have known where they would have been.

“The Eagles are a young team. As a matter of they were declared the youngest team by FIFA at the just concluded World Cup. That one alone a positive thing for us because if we are able to keep them together, we should be able to understand that by the next edition of the global football fiesta, they would have matured to confront other teams,” Obuh said.

“Therefore, I am not a part of the school of thou8ght that has it that they did not do well. The group they find them was a group of death as can be attested to with Croatia playing in the final of the championship,” Obuh said.

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