Nnewi : Stakeholders Pledge Unalloyed Support For Ifeanyi Ubah


*Urge Bianca Ojukwu to respect the town and step down

Stakeholders in Nnewi recently maintained undiluted support for Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

They made this known when the boss of Capital Oil and Gas and aspirant of the 2019 Anambra South Senatorial District Election on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah held a one on one chat with them.

The event which kicked off around 5:30PM at Anaedo Hall Nnewi was organised by the oil magnate to enlighten the stakeholders of the industrial town about his ambition to represent Anambra South of which Nnewi belongs to at the Senate.

During the chat, Dr. Ubah told the stakeholders that it is time to discourage godfatherism in all elective positions involving the town because bad and greedy leadership at all levels of government are mainly characterised by godfatherism.

According to Ubah, it’s beneficiaries will always endeavour to impress their godfathers instead of the people saying that with him, such will never happen because he has adequate capacity to carry out his campaign and that he does not need to write letters meant to seek for sponsorship from various persons within and outside Anambra State.

Ubah further recalled that APGA was founded to promote the norms and welfare of Ndị Igbo and Nigeria in general, and promised to champion the cause if given the Party’s ticket and elected a Senator.
Speaking on the need to handover power to only those that merits it, the billionaire business man said that power is taken and not given, and that it should only be taken by the person who deserves it not because of the person’s family background but because of the personal capacity and achievements of such person as a private citizen.

He therefore, urged the stakeholders to support him and that Ndị Nnewi has never regretted giving him support and won’t regret such if given the Party’s ticket and elected.

On the wife of Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu that has same aspiration with him, Dr. Ubah said that the Late Ojukwu’s wife has the right to contest but that in Igbo land, it is disrespectful for a wife to contest same position with her husband, and that norms and values of Ndị Nnewi and Ndị Igbo shouldn’t be defiled because of politics.

He further stated that he believed that Ndị Nnewi will not stay and watch their norms ridiculed, and that above all, he has positively impacted on the lives of Ndị Nnewi more than Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu and other aspirants, and he believes that Ndị Nnewi knows their own and will always support and protect their own.

Reacting to Dr. Ubah’s speech, the President General of Umudim Community of Nnewi Hon .KC Oranekwu, told the stakeholders that it’s time for Ndị Nnewi to support their own.

Oranekwu said that Nnewi has been ridiculed enough and that the sons and daughters of the town can’t afford to betray their own and urged the stakeholders to unite and support their own.
Also reacting to Dr. Ubah’s speech, the President General of Nnewichi Community of Nnewi  Hon.Cyprain Okolo reminded the stakeholders that the oil magnate has protected the economic interests of Ndị Nnewi and Ndị Igbo in general at various places and levels more than other aspirants, and urged them to support him with one heart to get APGA ticket and that he is sure he won’t fail.

In his reaction, the CEO of IBK Company Limited, Bethrand E. Onwunzo urged the stakeholders to support Dr. Ubah, saying as  a business man, he can testify that Ifeanyi Ubah has impacted positively on the economic lives of various business men and women in Nnewi, Igbo land and Nigeria in general as a private citizen and that he is sure he will do more if given the Party’s ticket and elected.

He also vowed to join politics if APGA gives Dr. Ubah its ticket because he is sure he will perform credibly.
Also in his reaction, the President General of Nzukora Nnewi,the most powerful Nnewi General Assembly, Chief Ugochukwu Udemezue (Ifenaeti Nnewi) reiterated the undiluted support of Ndị Nnewi for Dr. Ubah’s ambition and said that the town will continue to support their own to get the Party’s ticket.

In his reaction, Hon. Ethel Ileka urged Dr. Ubah to keep moving forward as Nnewi will give him block votes as usual. She further told him that he doesn’t need campaign in Nnewi because Ndị Nnewi will always support their brother with a heart of gold.

Furthermore, President General of Nnewi Youths JP Muoneke reiterated an unalloyed support of Nnewi Youths for Ifeanyi Ubah. He maintained that Dr. Ubah is the only aspirant that always comes to the aide of the youths at any time.

Also in his reaction, The APGA Youth Leader in Nnewi North Local Government Area, Prince Nonso Obi reassured Dr. Ubah that he will always has the support of APGA youths. He also urged Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu to respect the norms of Nnewi and step down as she shouldn’t be in same contest with her husband (Ifeanyi Ubah).

In her reaction, the APGA women leader in Nnewi North Local Government Area, said that Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has given maximum support to women

She also said that it is time for Ndị Nnewi to give undiluted support to their own and reiterated that APGA women will always support him at all times.

In his remarks, CEO of Orizu Motors Limited, Prince Chinedu Orizu maintained that Nnewi will always support Ifeanyi Ubah. Prince Orizu who is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said that despite the fact that he is not a member of APGA, he will support Ifeanyi Ubah to win the Senatorial contest because he has impacted positively in lives of various families in Nnewi. He also urged other stakeholders to do same.

While concluding the remarks, the Director General of Ifeanyi Ubah campaign organization and CEO of Organizer West Africa Limited, Chief Sunday Okoli said that Dr. Ubah has achieved overwhelmingly as a private citizen and he is the most qualified aspirant in APGA. He further maintained that Dr. Ubah will do more if given the Party’s ticket and elected, and urged the stakeholders to support him to get the Party’s ticket at the upcoming Senatorial Primary.

The event was well attended by stakeholders, APGA Officials in Nnewi North and numerous supporters of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah




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