Nnamdi Kanu Will Get International Recognition


By Collins Nkwocha

The General Overseer of The Spoken Word End Time Ministry, Ojo Barracks, Lagos, Pastor Chris Nmezi has said that the number one Biafran agitator, Nnamdi Kanu will gain global recognition and given award by International bodies for his struggles for the emancipation of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Speaking during his interview at the Headquarters of his ministry, during his 10th anniversary celebration, Pastor Chris said “Nigeria was going to experience seven years of famine and we are already going through it, Kanu will be awarded in the month of February to be precise, the award will generate fear and panic for Nigerian government and they will start looking for how to call him for negotiation, this prophet is coming to pass very soon”.

The handsome cleric who is fondly called “Original” by his followers for preaching the original word of God without any dilution.

The cleric also said “I see cows killing Fulani Herdsmen, it will happen this year and you will hear it in the news.”

This year will be characterised by series of protests against the government, someone will suddenly emerge from the Middle Belt, someone that no one knows yet, he will accrue so much support, the government will try to cage him, but it will not happen because he is inspired by the Holy ghost, international bodies will visit Nigeria in order to put an end to the menace of BOKO HARAM.

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