Nigerian Fan Seeks Asylum in Russia after Death threats Back Home


A Nigerian fan who arrived in Moscow for the 2018 World Cup has asked for political asylum in Russia because his life was threatened in his homeland.

“A football fan from Nigeria, born in 1987, has asked political asylum in the Russian Federation. He said that he had taken part in anti-government actions in his homeland and now Nigerian governmental troops allegedly threaten his life,” a Russian law source said.

He added that the Nigerian was conveyed to the Russian Federal Migration Service according agency reports.

It is yet to be known whether this Nigerian whose name was not mentioned because of security reasons, is the only Nigerian seeking asylum in Russia.

This is not the first time that a Nigerian will capitalise on the global sports event to seek for political asylum.

Most times this claim of seeking political asylum are not true rather it is the biting economic hardship at home that propel most people to ask for political asylum as asking for economic asylum may not give them what they want.

This is the same situation that played out few months ago when the country participated in the last Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Many athletes and coaches were reported to have defected to Australia moments after arriving at the country, despite the tight arrangement made by the Sports Ministry in order to forestall such occurrence.

It will be a good thing if the authorities would put measures in place to ensure the sufferings of the masses are reduced to enable Nigerians stay home and etch a decent living than this recurrent decimal of defection during international sports meets.

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