Ihedioha’s Removal, A Fulfilled Prophecy from Primate Ayodele



The nullification of governor Emeka Ihedioha’s election in Imo state by the apex court in Nigeria came as a total surprise after the Imo State Election Tribunal and the Court of Appeal had both been to his boon.

Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka gave the prophecy of change of leadership during his crossover service and a lot of accolades have come to him through this medium.

Many are not aware that Primate Babatunde Ayodele had earlier last year given this prophecy. He had prophesised that not all the elected governors would finish their tenure, and the prophecy was published in The Daily Independent newspaper of January 6th, 2019.

The seer is known for given accurate prophecies to nations of the world, although there is no perfection in prophecy because God himself might decide to avert certain things for certain reasons. This is certainly a fulfilled one from Ayodele and Mbaka.

The fearless Prophet has also hinted on 2023, telling Tinubu to save his strength because his political ambition of becoming the president in 2023 is a total mirage, he said that the North are not ready to leave power despite the rotational policy that Nigeria is adopting.

He also said that Igbo presidency in the year 2023 would not happen, the great seer also hinted that five different countries would secede.

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