Ihedioha: Triumph of the People’s Will


And Rt. Honourable Chukwuemeka Ihedioha became the purveyor and conveyor of Imo’s liberation. It was prayer answered and crystallization of the people’s will to end tyranny of a greedy power monger. For the people of Imo state, the month March will ever remain etched in their memory.

It was the month that marched them into fresh air and out of Rochas Okorocha’s suffocating misrule and his desperation to continue on that sordid line through a proxy, the juvenile Uche Nwosu, his Son in law who he was determined to impose on the state as successor.

By afternoon of Monday, March 11th, 2019, it was clear that a new dawn had descended on Imo. King Nebuchadnezzar’s brazen attempt to turn the tide of history was becoming irredeemably futile. Imolites held there breathes. They waited impatiently for the formalities of announcing the name of the man on whose head a new crown has been placed.

In many parts of Imo, men, women and even children stayed glued to radio and TV sets. Nobody wanted to be asleep when the verdict of history would be pronounced. And at exactly 11.57 PM, Imo’s freedom was announced and beamed live across the country. Okorocha had fallen. His attempt at third term by proxy had been foiled.

On Ihedioha’s head is a new crown. He will be on the driver’s seat of Imo’s destiny for the next four year. Imo people had just spoken, they had just made their choice and Ihedioha was that choice. He is Imo’s governor-elect. He is of the PDP. Imo, the Eastern Heartland is back under the canopy of the umbrella.

According to the late Ghanaian leader and pan-Africanist, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, “seek ye first the political kingdom and every other thing shall be added unto you”. Ingrained in Nkrumah’s postulation is that political power is the most potent instrument for the social and economic re-engineering of any given society.

However, such political powers could also be put to devious use. Okorocha did. As Imo’s maximum ruler, Okorocha used the instrumentality of political power to create a bizarre order in the state, brazenly enthroning mediocrity, nepotism, tyranny and self-aggrandisement.
However, Emeka has given notice that a new Imo where our people’s dignity will be restored is in the offing. Hear the governor -elect: “The era of brazenness in Imo State is gone. I will be Governor for all Ndi Imo. We are equal stakeholders. It is my duty and responsibility to ensure that we remain brothers and sisters.

“We will run an all inclusive government. Let us listen to things that will unite us, for united we stand. Our priority will be to reclaim the dignity of our people. We shall no longer be a laughing stock.
To kickstart the rebuilding process, I shall set up in the coming days a Transition Committee with clear terms of reference. We shall remain faithful to our obligation to our people”

As the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Igbo service aptly captured his victory in one of their headlines, “Emeka bu ihe di oha nma” (Emeka is what is good for the people), Imolites did not have a second thought about who they wanted to rebuild their dear state. The massive state- wide endorsements and support that trailed Ihedioha’s campaign rallies said it all.

As former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, the governor-elect comes with a rich legislative and administrative experience needed to steer Imo away from the doldrums.
Going forward, the people of Imo repose absolute confidence in him. Many see Ihedioha as honest and straight forward.

The common mantra among his ardent followers and supporters is that his word in his bond. And indeed this is true to a very large extent. Even his worst critics will readily agree that Ihedioha is a man of character and is not wanting in integrity either. His pedigree is straight and clean and his intellectual capacity is not in question.
Many are of the view, and I agree, that the in- coming governor of Imo state was the most prepared of the lot that angled for the plump job both in first attempt in 2015 and this last one that resulted in victory. For example, Ihedioha started out early to resuscitate his arrested dream to govern Imo State.

Dusting up his rested structures, he went around from Okigwe to Orlu and Owerri in the three senatorial districts to re-invigorate his support bases for a new race to Douglas House, Owerri.
The governor-elect has the needed sound and solid educational qualification that will enable him make the difference- away from the infantile and theatrical show that held sway in Imo in the departing past.

He holds a Bachelor`s degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Lagos. In addition, he has undertaken an Executive Certificate Course in Financial Management from the Stanford University, and a Leadership Certificate Course from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, both world-renowned and prestigious Ivy-league institutions in the United States of America (USA).

The incoming governor first made foray into politics in 1999 as a presidential aide before delving into the House of Reps to represent Aboh Mbaise/Ngor-Okpala Federal Constituency. He was the Chief Whip of the House till 2011 when he became Deputy Speaker.
Chief (Sir), Chukwuemeka Nkem Ihedioha hails from Mbutu in Aboh Mbaise L.G.A. of Imo State. His victory represents the triumph of light over darkness and a choice for equity, fairness and justice.

Emeka bu ihe Ndi Imo choro maka imezi Imo!Welcome to the throne, Your Excellency!

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