Idahosa Participates in 2019 Unity Convocation in Las Vegas


By Clem Emmanuel 

Nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment that comes with pursuing one’s vision with passion and tenacity of purpose.
No one understands this better than, the presiding pastor of God First Ministry Intl, illumination Assembly, Bishop Isaac Idahosa, one of the fast growing churches in Lagos.
The ministry has taken him across the nation organising his regular outpouring experience as and was recently invited to Las Vegas for Unity Convocation 2019, America Clergy Reviving the Nation with Bishop Noel Jones and over a thousand Clergy all over the Americans.
Top USA Congress men and women, international bodies were in attendance as Bishop Idahosa was singled out to declare the world unity Convocation opened.
The Mother Moon who is the co-founder of Universal Peace Federation was also in attendance.
It was a great honor for Bishop Isaac Idahosa representing this great country, Nigeria, for good.

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