Police Declares Prosper Steve Wanted over Gay Offences


Nigeria police have declared 21-year-old Prosper Steve, a native of Ika North East Local Government Delta State wanted since January 21, 2014 for allegedly engaging in the act of homosexuality and complicity in the death of his lover Nosa Ogidan.

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Nigeria, and punishable with 14-years imprisonment and is frowned at by the society who could be hostile to alleged homosexuals, and are seen as outcasts.

In a statement released by the Divisional Police Public Relations Officer of the Okoko, Lagos Divisional Office, Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Ikhide Moses on January 21, 2014, and in position of THE LEAD, explained that the Police want Prosper Steve for allegedly engaging in homosexuality, which is against the Nigerian extant law.

Prosper’s lover being attacked by a mob

The statement stated that the police are not going to relent in their quest to arrest Prosper Steve to face the full wrath of the law, warning that the general public should take note and report any useful information that could lead to his arrest to the police. “We have handsome reward for any person who provides useful information that may lead to his arrest,” the statement explained.

Investigation further showed that Prosper Steve has been a homosexual since his primary and secondary school days and was never noticed by his parents who were busy civil servants.

He once told a close friend that he has been a gay and cannot change it, while others observed these manifestations while in secondary school at the age of 17 when he could not flow with the girls but with boys.

Prosper’s gay feeling found expression while in the university when he became closer to Nosa Ogidan in his department and soon they became lovers.

Further investigation showed that an incident on January 14, 2014 in Lagos marked a sad turning point in their lives. After an evening lecture, Prosper’s lover Nosa decided to see him off to his hostel whereby they went to a corner for romance and a good night kiss.

That was where the problem started, as they were not aware that some boys watched them as the romance and kissing lasted and before they knew it, they shouted gays! gays!! gays!!! The small crowd that had gathered pursued them with dangerous weapons.

Prosper outran their attackers that night and had to sleep in an uncompleted building. Nosa his sexual partner was not as lucky, as the irate crowd clubbed him to death that night. Prosper, according to reports later made his way to Abuja and since then nothing has been heard about his where about.

Investigation also revealed that the duo has been in the act before the nemesis caught up with them on the faithful day as their actions aroused suspicion within the community and college environment.

Speaking with THE LEAD, Prosper’s roommate, who does not want his name be mentioned in print said that he has been observing Prosper and Nosa any time they there were around, and at times see then act funny.

He said, “Initially many people thought they were just normal friends until we began to notice some unusual and strange behaviour amongst the two. They also exhibited some feminine traits and character that was hitherto very suspicious like those in the homosexual relationship.

“As a result of all these, people in his department began to monitor and watch him. It wasn’t too long before they were finally caught and attacked. Prosper was lucky to escape but his partner Nosa did not,” the roommate said.

Apart from the police that have declared him wanted, Prosper’s life is also at risk as the same guys who murdered his lover are still walking the streets, which means that his life is still in danger and can be killed even before the police get to him.


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