GUBER ELECTION: ‘Don’t Waste Your Time, APC Will Hijack and Win Lagos, Imo’


The founder of The Sovereign Throne of Mercy, Lagos, Apostle Steve Eche has prophesied that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will rig and win the governorship election in Lagos and Imo stats

Apostle Eche who prophesied that President Muhammadu Buhari will be declared the winner of the presidential despite defeat to The Lead during an interview at the Headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, said, “I see massive rigging of election in Lagos State, and APC will win.”

The Apostle, who delivered hundred percent accurate prophecies concerning the just, concluded presidential election also stated that APC will win most of the states in the west, including Ogun State.

He said Ortom will deliver Benue state to the hands of PDP because they will win Benue state. He also told all the politicians and political parties in Imo state to be watchful because APC will hijack and win Imo state election

“It looks impossible to an ordinary person for APC to win Imo state despite open show of hatred for the party’s sitting governor, because that was what I saw in the spiritual realm.

“I am certain about it, APC will win Imo state, despite the open criticism and castigation that made them alter “change” to” next level”, didn’t the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declare them the winner of the presidential election?

“You must know that I am not speaking as an ordinary person, I am speaking as a prophet of God,” he said.

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