Group Urges Buhari, Oshiomhole to Address Political Imbalance in Borno State


A call has gone to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to address the political imbalance in Borno State that have given a certain tribe dominance in the push for the governor of the state.

Since the creation of the state, the Kanuris who occupy the Central and Northern senatorial districts have continued to be at the helm of affairs as governor with people from Southern part, a conglomerate of various ethnic nationals, have been relegated to the position of deputy governor at every election.

It can be reported that during the last gubernatorial primary of the ruling APC in the state, the major hope of southern Borno becoming the governor for the first term, Alhaji Idris Durkwa came in second in an election touted to be controversial as many aspirants believed to have been sponsored by the state governor withdrew at the last minute for Prof. Babagana Zulum, who was subsequently elected.

Some of the other aspirants, also expressed their dissatisfaction with the primaries which they claimed was flawed by malpractices and headed for the court with Durkwa, the hope of Southern Borno, in this class.

At the weekend, a socio-political group, Southern Borno Development Forum, in a statement signed by Ibrahim Askiraman (Chairman) and Sunday Mshelia (Secretary), said there was urgent need to address the issues that have continued to give Kanuris, though in majority, the opportunity of becoming the governor in a multi-ethnic state.

They argued that President Goodluck Jonathan became the president of Nigeria from a minority group because of the understanding of all Nigerians that power must be rotated, “why can’t this be introduced in Borno state, where the baton to who become the governor, has continued to be exchanged between Borno North and Central and among Kanuris.”

The group, while asking that: “When is the baton going to be exchanged into the hands of people from Southern Borno, said: “The president and chairman of APC, the ruling party, should ensure that they make the baton to be given to our people.”
They said: “We still feel robbed that our greatest hope of having one of our sons as governor was manipulated out of the race by some political gladiators in the state, perhaps we might get reprieve in the battle of Idris Durkwa at the court to get the party’s ticket.”

They said: “We however feel it is the time for external forces to either arm-twist or convince the Kanuris to allow the people of Borno South to be at the helm for continued unity and progress of our dear state.

“As Buhari is expected to continue his campaign in Borno on Monday, he should emphasize on the need for power to be rotated not only at the federal level but at all levels.”

They said: “Despite the feeling of being short-changed in the APC, we have decided to vote massively for APC believing that the National Executive Council of the party will soon change the face of politics in Borno state.”

The case instituted by Idris Durkwa against the election of Prof. Babagana Zulum at the Maiduguri High Court, heard on Thursday has however been adjourned to January 30.


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