God Has Already Given Us Biafra, Nobody Can Stop It, Says Bishop Nwankwo


The founder of Daylight Dominion Reality Church, Bishop Samuel Nwankwo has revealed the mind of God towards the actualisation of the sovereign state of Biafra. He said that God has already ordained the emergence of the new country as no one can stop it.

However, the cleric who hails from the Eastern part of country vehemently opposed the way Nnamdi Kanu is going about the struggle, showing utmost resentment by the way Kanu keep addressing Nigeria as a “Zoo Republic.”

“That is that is utmost denigration, despicable and absolutely disdainful to a nation like Nigeria. Tell the whole world that I, Bishop Samuel Nwankwo said that Biafra is God’s divine project that has already taken place in the spiritual realm because God revealed it to me.”

Speaking to newsmen at the Headquarters of his church, the clergy said, “God did not give us Biafra because Kanu is fighting for it, he made it happen because it is in his plan, he asked me to warn Kanu and his people to stop the hostilities and actions that could trigger undue restiveness in the country.

“It is a blatant truth that Nigeria is agonising, irritating, full of anguish and hardship, the truth is that he must thread cautiously, because Nigeria will be one of our neighbours when it finally happens.

“As a new sovereign state, we need to be in peace with nations around us. Biafra will certainly take place but Nnamdi Kanu is not the Messiah.

“Kanu is fighting for a just course, the Igbo’s are going through hellish times these period. Look at the recent closure of the border, who is it affecting, the price of rice and other commodities have escalated here in the west and the worst is in the East.

“A bag of rice that is sold for 30,000 in the East, that same bag of rice sells for around 8,000 to 9,000 in the Northern States. God has heard the cry of his people, that is why he has given us Biafra, but Nnamdi Kanu should not take the glory,” Nwankwo emphasised

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