Federal Polytechnic Ekiti to Partner OMPAN on Information Management


By Ayodele Abere in Ado Ekiti

The Rector of The Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti, Dr. Bayo Hephzibah Oladebeye recently received the Executives Members of the Association of Online Media Practitioners of Nigeria (OMPAN), Ekiti State Chapter in his Office.

Playing host to the OMPAN Excos with the Rector, were some other top management of the polytechnic.

The OMPAN Executives who were led by its State Chairman, Comrade Ayodele Abere of The Lead Newspaper was accompanied by three Excos who were the State Secretary, Comrade  Emmanuel Adeniran of The Falcon Times; the State Treasurer, Wumi Ademiju and the State Welfare Director, Comrade Demola Atobaba of The Dispatched.

While speaking, the State Chairman of OMPAN, Comrade Ayodele Abere informed the Management of the polytechnic the readiness of the Association of the Online Media Practitioners of Nigeria (OMPAN) to work with the Institution in promoting and the coverage of the programmes and activities of the Polytechnic which will further project its good image.

He maintained and assured the Management of the polytechnic that OMPAN will never publish unverified stories about the Institution.

He stressed that Ekiti OMPAN has handed down warnings to all its members not to be involved in such act.

Abere pointed out that erring members found guilty will be sanctioned.

In his reaction, the Rector of the polytechnic, Dr.Bayo Oladebeye said: “now that you have asked for collaboration, I am sure that you are going to get that. You can be sure that without coming to me to show your faces, you will have a good representation in the person of Mr. Adeyemi Adejolu who is the Public Relations Officer of the polytechnic and the State President of Nigerian Institute of Public Relation (NIPR) as well as a Veteran Journalist. The Online Medium is a welcome development. Reading news Online is now the in-thing. It’s a very good development for putting this body in place in Ekiti State”.

“I want to emphasize that Mr. Adeyemi. Adejolu can adequately represent you since you have him as one of you. We are not trying to hide ourselves from you. All we are committed to doing is to make sure we move this great Institution forward. The Online Media helps one to read news through the internet.

“It’s a very good development most especially that it was the NUJ that inaugurated it. There are  lots of things to report on, but I hope it’s going to be a positive reportage  and be something that will move this great citadel of learning forward”.

Responding to the questions on the state of the institution as at the time he came on board as the Rector, where the institution is now and where he intends to leave it at the expiration of his tenure as the Rector,

Oladebeye said: “you could hear when I was introduced as the first Alumni of the Institution to become a rector of the Polytechnic. A lot of development has taken place. I was a former Deputy Rector of the Institution. I don’t have any other thing to do than to add values to the Institution. It’s my great hope that by the time I will be leaving office, that I will leave with much difference in terms of development which I have seeing in my vision”.

“One of the challenges we have is the issue of funding. We believe through prayers, our funding problems will be surmounted. We have not come for things to remain static. We are here to achieve great goals of ours by developing the Institution. One of the constraints we have is that of funding as I said earlier. It is not only in this Institution but generally in the Nigerian polytechnic “.

“I met 24 Departments when I came on board as the Rector of the polytechnic. I have it in my plans to create more Departments by the time I will be leaving office not for the purpose of creation but to add more values and more credibility to the Institution. The kind of people am surrounded with are the people that are ready to work.

“The Students we have are also very willing to contribute to the growth and development of the Institution. When we came on board, there were lots of agitation about the Welfare of Staff and Students.

“ I thank God Almighty that we have been able to accede to some of those demands and maintain stability among the various staff and students unions of the Institution because of the maturity they all displayed. We have also been able to have a very stable academic calendar since I came on board as the Rector”.

The Rector opposed the wide spread belief that the standard of the Nigerian Education has fallen. He heavily descended on the implementers of the policy as he frowns at their roles and attitudes. He blamed the poor performance of the Male Students of the Polytechnic on their unseriousness while he praised the female students for their better performance compared to that of the male counterparts.

He affirmed that among the students in the Institution, female students are more academically serious with their studies and more hardworking than the male students. He therefore urged the male students to buckle up and be more serious with their studies.




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