DPR Embraces Emerging Trends in Projects Implementation, Says Shakur


The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) said it has consciously embraced emerging trends by initiating and implementing several projects and activities starting with the automation of some processes and procedures to address its challenges.

The acting Director of the DPR, Mr. Ahmad Shakur, said the introduction of digital technology to improve operations could change the oil and gas industry landscape, especially in driving economic viability and the future of the sector.

Shakur, who spoke with journalists in Owerri, explained that, “The DPR has made some new innovations in its operations in order to serve the public better and carry its statutory responsibilities more efficiently and effectively. One of the innovations is the full implementation of online processing of downstream licenses, permits and approvals.

He stressed these were achieved through the Retail Outlets Monitoring System (ROMS), Depots System (DEPOT), Import and Export Permit (IMPEX), Lube Blending Plant System (LBL), Coastal Vessel License System (CVL), and Refinery Operations System (RPL).

He listed that the department intended to use this to drive transformation through optimising their regulatory roles ranging from inspections, surveillance to monitoring compliance and enforcement, stressing the necessity for collaboration amongst stakeholders in order to drive compliance.



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