Defection: A Sign of Political Infestation-Elishama Ideh


Dr. Elishama Ideh, a foremost female presidential aspirant on the platform of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) has described the recent gale of defections rocking the two prominent political parties–All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)– as a sign of political infestation.
Speaking with journalists in Abuja on Thursday, the presidential aspirant observed that the “last few days have been full of drama. Politicians have been moving from one party to the other in a way that has never happened before in our great country.”
Elishama Ideh said, “No doubt, these defections is a clear show of lack of vision on the part of all the defectors on both sides.”
“Interestingly, this is the football transfer period and our politicians are busy seeking for one transfer to the other. Now we all know that it’s all about their personal interest that has nothing to do with development of our dear county.
“I remain resolute that we will fix this country because we are truly better than what we are now. They will keep defecting while we will keep standing strong and standing tall,” Dr. Ideh explained.
She emphasised that the new breed of politicians in the political terrain are coming together in a new way without any selfish interest.
“We shall permanently transfer the defecting politicians all out of Nigerian political space,” she stated.

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