Compassionate Sunday: Bishop Idahosa Feeds Poor and Weak (PHOTOS)


It was really a compassionate Sunday at Illumination Assembly, Lekki, Lagos, as the shepherd of the ministry, Bishop Isaac Idahosa was a huge source of blessing to people as he gave out bags of rice and cash to the needy and less privileged.

Pentecostal churches have been under criticism of impoverishing their members, projects executed with church funds, most times, members of the ministry don’t have access to them due to exorbitant feed, we can see that schools built by Pentecostal churches are very expensive, most of their members can not even afford to pay the fees of the schools, deviating from the original aim of Christianity. This has made it a lucrative business venture for self-upliftment.

But Illumination Assembly is different kind of ministry that caters for the need and warfare of members; the ministry has a very strong warfare package that meets the needs of the people.

The ministry does this very package regularly because the warfare of her members is paramount, and Sunday was such a day, coming after his 54th birthday.

Some of the pictures…


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