Bishop Idahosa, Charismatic Preacher Celebrates at 54


The great city of Lagos is about to witness an epoch-making celebration as followers and admirers of Bishop of Isaac Idahosa, one of the great men of God in Nigeria celebrates his 54the birthday on Sunday, 3rd of March.

Bishop Idahosa, founder of one the leading churches in Nigeria has been a huge source of blessing to many people as he has succeeded in taking a lot of youth away from the streets and giving them meaning lives.

Bishop Idahosa is one of the few men of God who truly understands what Christianity stands for, as his ministry caters for the need of the less privileged and the needy in the society.

The event, which will be graced by other great men of God from within and outside Nigeria, will take place at Illumination Assembly, Lekki light Centre, Addo Road, Ajah, Lagos, by 4pm.

Idahosa recently received a United Nations Peace Ambassadorial award, for his immense contributions to the growth of humanity and peaceful co-existence through evangelism and Pentecostalism. He is also a gospel musician and has three albums to his credit, and through thick and thin, Idahosa has found his voice in the Christendom.

Idahosa, who is presiding Bishop of God First Ministry and the senior pastor of the Illumination Assembly, Ajah, Lagos, is married to Christy and they are blessed with two loving children, Christabell and Osagie. He was himself born into the family of six children and he happened to be the third child in that order.

“I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1979, and in 1985, I went to the Soul Clear Bible College to acquire knowledge, not necessarily because I had any calling from God, but because I needed to know Him deeply. I began to serve God at a very tender age. While I was growing up, I had the privilege of being influenced by those great men of God who were then coming to the north to preach the gospel of salvation to the people in crusades and seminars,” Idahosa who read Mechanical Engineering told The Lead.

Idahosa who starting his ministry with just N50,000k, remembered approaching “one of our family friends then called Idowu Maya. I shared my vision with him and he offered to give me his boys-quarters to begin my ministry. I was there with my guitar and I was playing this guitar everyday to the point where I started attracting the attention of neighbours and students in that area.

“After a while, the boys-quarters could no longer contain the congregation and the Maya’s family decided to give me their living room. But despite the gesture, our population was increasing by the day,” he reminisces.

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