Bello, APC May Attack Atiku in Lokoja, Says PDP Campaign Council 


The Kogi State Presidential Campaign Council of the Peoples’ Democratic Party has raised an alarm and warned Nigerians, especially the high commands of the Nigeria Police Force, the Nigeria Army, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corp of a covert plan to truncate democracy and instigate total breakdown of order in Nigeria starting from Kogi State.

It said that four impeccable sources have confirmed that this plot has been bankrolled by the Kogi State Government, led by its accidental governor, Yahaya Adoza Bello and will start with a calculated attempt to harass the presidential candidate of our great party, Atiku Abubakar, who is scheduled to visit Kogi State in a few hours from now.

“The Council wishes to remind Nigerians that reports were initially made about a well funded exercise carried out by agents of the Kogi State government which targeted a mass destruction of campaign banners and other publicity materials of the PDP in Kogi State less than a week ago.

“It is therefore for the records that it is considered highly important to notify all lovers of democracy that indeed, the campaign of bitterness of the APC and the Kogi State Government against the PDP is set to adopt a new dimension starting from tomorrow.

“Not only is the Council concerned about the clear attempt by the APC to erode a strong legacy of democracy and freedom bequeathed to it by the PDP, it appears desperate to score a new low by going against the towering personality of Atiku Abubakar.

“Whereas we habour no fear of the unknown as regards tomorrow’s rally for which the Kogi Confluence Stadium, Lokoja has been approved for use, we sternly advise relevant security agencies to call the outgoing governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello and His band of urchins to order immediately.

“The PDP Presidential Campaign Council in Kogi State sternly warns agents of destabilisation recruited by the APC to refrain from endangering themselves by swimming against the tide in an attempt to oppose the will of a tremendous number of Nigerians who are determined to end the vicious cycle of retrogression, failure and bloodshed which the APC has visited on Nigeria and Nigerians.

“The Council also urges all leaders, elders, stakeholders, affiliate groups and supporters of the PDP to turn out en-masse for tomorrow’s rally and entertain not, fear of any kind.

“The United Nations, the African Union, the American government and the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada are also invited to take note of this latest attempt by Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State to abort democracy in Nigeria and urge an urgent intervention.

“The PDP on its part commits to abide by the laws of Nigeria and go about its mobilisation activities in line with the global standards which emphasis decorum, peace and constructive engagement of voters,” the council said.

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