Alex Otti, Twice Defeated Twice Beaten

  • By Chika Art Adiele•

As a critical stakeholder in Abia project, I make bold to say I’m sufficiently familiar with the dynamics of Abia politics. For over a decade, I have been an active participant in the political processes and nothing can stop me from playing my little role in enhancing our democratic governance.

Elections in Nigeria are dangerously capital-intensive project. It is very competitive, as one must be abreast of the political environment before launching into it.

Before, I fire down, please kindly permit me to refresh our memories on what Wikipedia described as politics
“Politics is a set of activities associated with the governance of a country or an area. It involves making decisions that apply to members of a group. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance—organised control over a human community, particularly a state… Politics is a multi-faceted word”.

Truth be told, no one has the monopoly of knowledge, no matter how highly educated you are, even on the subject matter.

Practical politics, especially, in our clime is quite different from the theoretical study of this complex game. It involves a lot of intrigues and calculations. One must also be at home with the grassroots (people), and must understand their sentiments to be able to connect with them.

Alex Otti, the twice-defeated governorship candidate of badly factionalised APGA, as a banker of many years, did not envision his governorship over- ambition. His quest for Abia top position was hatched at the instance of his selfish ambition to rule at all cost in 2015.

Otti, as a political butterfly who thought himself a bird, first declared his ambition in 2015, and when the immediate past governor. Chief T.A.Orji popularly known as Ochendo, reminded him of the zoning arrangement and the need for all stakeholders to strictly respect the “Abia chatter of equity “Otti, suddenly remembered that he was born in Isiala Ngwa South. Whereas, Isiala Ngwa, falls within Abia Central, which comprises of Umuahia North/South, Ikwuano, Osisioma and Isiala Ngwa North/South.

Don’t forget, the immediate past governor is from Umuahia (Abia central). While equity demands our kit and kins from Abia South (Aba north/south, Obingwa, Ugwunabo and Ukwa east/west), at least deserves a chance to produce the next governor.

Due to his penchant for treacherous attitudes, he hurriedly, renounced his ancestral home (Arochukwu), and subsequently changed his voter’s card to reflect his long abandoned Isiala Ngwa.

Not only that, the same man, in a bid to deceive Abians, erected a building in Isiala Ngwa within the electioneering period. Just for political expediency.

Interestingly, the same Otti took more than a passive interest in Abia politics. His bank was responsible for keeping our treasures, and his younger brother served in the past administration as Special Adviser, which he vilifies, now as a so-called modern day Messiah.

No one heard him criticise the government of Chief T.A.Orji (Ochendo). Of course, he was the chief beneficiary of Ochendo’s milk of kindness.

Otti’s ideas and political philosophy forbids due process, hence his idiotic show of shame during the last election, which he polled a laughing 78,000 votes, a distant third.

Obviously, his political ambition is nothing but a smokescreen to political vendetta to undo perceived political enemies.

To be continued…

  • Adiele, Victorian Court, Umuahia

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