‘Ahmed Gulak Misappropriated Last Opportunity to Be A Model’


Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, former Political Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan has deliberately let Nigerians down with his latest account of the mischief and plunder he committed in Imo when he was sent as the Chairman of the 12-Member Committee to Conduct the Primaries of All Progressives Congress, APC, in the State.

According to the Imo State government, Gulak has appeared on some National televisions on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 and talked about the Imo APC Primaries and made some Claims that would only be interpreted to mean, not only insults on Nigerians but absolute let down.

On television, Gulak told Nigerians how Governor Okorocha gave him prepared results of the Primaries he came to Conduct to sign and he refused. That, his Committee had seven members and no more twelve. And those seven aspirants wrote to confirm what he did and so on.

And this is the same Ahmed Gulak who told Nigerians and indeed the world on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 that he fled Owerri by 4.30am because there was kidnap attempt on his person. And that he ran away with three members, out of the 12-Member Committee. Gulak never made any other Claim to that effect.

And it took a former Political Adviser to a former President almost four weeks or twenty-nine days to remember that Governor Okorocha gave him prepared result Sheets to sign and he refused. And could it have been possible for Governor Okorocha to give a man of Gulak’s level prepared result Sheets to sign? Your answer is as palatable as mine. In any case, Rochas Okorocha does not do such funny thing.

Again, what is the relationship between his absconding by 4.30am and Okorocha giving him prepared result sheets to sign. Why didn’t he tell the whole stories that day he was telling the story of his imaginary kidnap attempt?

Alhaji Gulak is a lucky man, because this is Nigeria. Otherwise, he would have been facing certain charges in Court by now. But one day, these anomalies will become parts of the nation’s past history or stories. And the culprits will be judged by posterity.

Men like Alhaji Gulak should rightly be described as enemies of the nation within. They do not wish the Country or her democracy well. They want the Country to remain at the receiving end. They do not believe in the wordings of the National Anthem or the National Pledge or the Constitution.

All these could also ginger one to begin to cogitate on the kinds of advice Alhaji Gulak was giving to former President Goodluck Jonathan. The man is a counterfeit of a true Nigerian.

For us, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak has misappropriated the last opportunity he had to be a model. He cannot be a model again because he is not the kind any one could call a patriotic Nigerian.

All these undercurrents are only designed to stop the sun whose time has come to shine from shining. But men like Gulak and his petty Co-travelers cannot say NO when God has said Yes.

That sun is Uche Nwosu. His time to shine has come. The flame has already gone high. And will remain aglow till the purpose of God in his life with regard to the governorship of Imo in 2019 is realized. To be a son-in-law to a governor is a blessing, until God says otherwise.

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