Abakaliki Street: Stop this embarrassment, Group warns Umahi, Ebonyi Assembly


The embodiment of the Ebonyi State Government, comprising Gov David Umahi and the State Assembly have been warned to learn from the mature disposition of Gov Willie Obiano and his people and face more challenging tasks facing the beleaguered citizens of their state instead of chasing shadows concerning the naming of a street in Awka.

The Anambra state governor, Willie Obiano had about three weeks ago during his routine tour of the state graciously named an unnamed street among the various streets in an area of the state capital hitherto referred to as “Abakaliki people’s area”, “Club Road”.

And to avoid the kind of misgivings currently coming from Abakaliki Government House, Obiano had simultaneously allotted a more strategic longer street overlooking the Enugu/Onitsha Federal Dual Carriageway after the Ebonyi capital city of “Abakaliki”.

Sadly Gov Umahi was not assuaged and without warning he went on all national and international media. Not even after being briefed the area was called ‘Abakaliki Street’ as a derogatory reference to the lowlife inhabitants, call girls, dingy pepper soup/beer drinking joints where criminals buy and sell products and services.

“The dwellers were allegedly majorly Abakaliki people who always avoid paying house rent or decent place of domicile. More so , no one or group had ever made moves to register the street at the Awka South Local Government Area, where street names were assigned.

So with these details already presented to Umahi and his people, they refused all entreaties and had piled up all manner of pressures, threats and harassment on Anambra Government ever since.

The ugly development therefore has forced a group of young professionals under the aegis of South East Family Union (SEFU) to issue a warning at the end of their extraordinary emergency meeting in Enugu weekend.

Describing the political antics of the Ebonyi government as mere showmanship, the group said they had “watched with deep anxiety as political leaders of Ebonyi state led by the Governor abandoned the serious issues of governance for cheap emotional showmanship to buy and manipulate the support of an increasingly suspicious electorate for the 2019 general elections.

“We are surprised that Ebonyi lawmakers could devote a whole plenary session to bellyache over the renaming of a street by a sister state. And we sincerely feel that the time has come for reason to prevail in Ebonyi state.

The group described as the height of insolence, rascality and insensitivity the so-called ultimatum of seven days the state assembly gave for Obiano to reverse the naming of Club Road and to rename it Abakaliki street.

“It is a highly provocative act lacking logic and reason….”

The document which was signed by professionals from the five South East states of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo that Umahi betrayed his emotions so abysmally not minding his position as the Chairman of the South East Governors Forum where he would have simply put a telephone call through to Obiano and talk things over as members of one family.

With this mindset it was left to one’s imagination how he pilot the affairs of the Governor’s forum, which they also observed, he has run aground.

The group therefore urged him, other governors of the zone and the rest part of the country to emulate Obiano’s blue print. They cautioned Umahi to learn to stop being a black sheep of the zone as his political antics would only count against him at the polls instead of his calculations.

 “He should therefore retrace his steps from the ignoble path of dishonour he has erroneously chosen as it would do him no good”, they added.

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