2019: Emergency Situation Cause of Political Coalitions, Says Onyike


A former national deputy president of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Chief Abia Onyike, on Tuesday said the current emergency situation in the country is the major factor causing the ongoing alignments and realignments by politicians in the country in order to end president Muhammadu Buhari’s maladministration.

Onyike who is a senatorial Aspirant in the upcoming general elections in the platform of PDP said politicians who are opposed to the anti-people government of Buhari were the ones in coalition to defeat him through ballot box.

His words: “The factor spurring it is what you may describe as the emergency situation in the country today which was brought about by President Muhammad Buhari’s administration.

“The administration of Buhari is senseless and it is driving Nigeria to the precipice. Now, because of that, all hands must be on deck.

All movements, all political organizations and political parties that are opposed to this state of affairs are coming together to form a common alliance in order to stand up against this regime and against Buhari in the forthcoming general elections in order to attempt to stop him or defeat him electorally. That is to remove him from office through the ballot box.

“The economy is extremely terrible. He has destroyed our economy and security of this country through his parochial appointments, irredentist political posturing, and extreme fanatical sectionalism.

Promoting Fulani hegemony especially through his appointment of security personnel in the country. He chose the service chiefs from his own area of the country, which means he had something in mind.

That is what we are seeing because of the war he is preparing to unleash on Nigerians especially war on the Christians to achieve Islamisation of Nigeria.

“The ethnic cleansing taking place in the middle belt with active connivance of the security agencies are very horrible. They have never happened in the life of any nation we are aware of.

“So, if somebody in charge of the affairs of the country can be so nepotic by trying to betray the nation to the extent that he is no more concerned about the entire country but only concerned about a particular section of the country. That is evil and that is why he is deriving joy from the killings taking place due to his parochial interest.

“This is genocide and Buhari should not go free for these killings. He should be taken to International criminal court for trial. No government should be allowed to get away with genocide this time around after the civil war genocide against Igbos during which they exterminated the live of 1.3m Igbos.

He will be removed from office in 2019 electorally and then be forced to go to ICC for trial. This will teach Nigerian military about their butchering mentality that there is something about human lives and all of them must live to give account.

“The implication of the ongoing alignments in our polity is that the electoral process will be more organized. The political party that brought Buhari to power, which is APC, is sordidly disintegrated and the reformed APC has emerged and have formed new coalition.

Therefore, many of his (Buhari) supporters including members of the National Assembly have moved over to join this new coalition to integrate with the main opposition which is the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, so that nobody will remain with Buhari.

“And for the old leaders: people like IBB, TY Danjuma, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo and so many others are not happy with the current development in the country. All of them have deserted Buhari because what is happening is a serious evil brought about by somebody that is satanic in nature who wants to ruin the country.

But he will not be allowed to ruin the country. He will be removed from office electorally because Nigerians are descent people and will not go to war with him. He will be removed electorally through the ballot box.

“President Buhari is not interested about the stability if this country. It is the ongoing alignments and realignments by politicians via coalition of some political parties that will bring stability in the country. But if he allowed to remain in office, it means we do not mean well in the country”.

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