10 Top Prophets in Nigeria…


And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. We are in the last days and God has poured out his spirit massively on mankind. These are the prophets that speak the mind of God in Nigeria. Excerpts BY COLLINS NKWOCHA•


(1) PRIMATE BABATUNDE AYODELE: He is one of the most respected prophets in Africa, as he prophesied the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s victory in Osun and Ekiti state several months before the election was held. He prophesied Jonathan’s defeat, in the year 2013 and the election that took him out of power was held in 2015.

The just concluded presidential election, he told the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that only the ‘anointed one’ can unseat Buhari and warned that if they choose Atiku Abubakar as their presidential candidate, they will not win the election, eventually, they lost to APC.

He saw the victory of Trump ahead of the poll when he said that, ‘Republican will take over from Obama’. This great seer releases book on prophecies every year, and is no doubt one of the very best in Africa

TB Joshua

(2) PROPHET TB JOSHUA: He is one of the most respected prophets in Nigeria; most of his prophecies are precise. He has delivered several national and international prophecies and be reached on 08077679597.(

Bishop Idahosa

(3)BISHOP ISAAC IDAHOSA: One of the great servants of God in Nigeria, and is among the few prophets that prophesied that Trump was going to be victorious. Many other prophets prophesied that a woman was going to rule America. You can reach him on 07034451114

(4) APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEMAN: He is one of the prominent prophets in Nigeria, and has given several accurate prophecies. He is well respected in Nigeria, with sons and daughters across the federation.

(5) DR.ISAIAH WEALTH: He is one of the most accurate prophets in Nigeria; when the president traveled for treatment outside the country, most Nigerians believed he was dead and he will not come back alive, but this great prophet prophesied that he will return and it happened. Dr. Wealth also prophesied the popular defection that caused serious commotion and political unrest in the country. The defection saw a lot of politicians leaving APC for PDP, including the Senate President. The great seer also prophesied the massive killing of Christians and burning of churches in Adamawa state. He is indeed one of the best of this generation, and he can be reached on: 08177108644.


(6)BISHOP OKWUDILI EZE: He is one of the most respected and reputable prophets in Nigeria, and does not speak to attract fame or popularity to himself. He speaks the mind of God. He prophesied that those in the financial and banking sector were going to experience tough times; if you take a good at our banks, you will see that they are really sick, fresh graduates no longer aspire to work in the banks anymore because the sector is sick, it is no longer lucrative to work in the bank. Bishop Eze gave these prophecies years ago and it has happened, you can reach him on 08091787299.


(7) DR.SIGN FIREMAN: He is a great prophet of our time, and is one of the few prophets that prophesied that Trump was going to win the election that brought him to power as American president, and it happened. He can be reached on 08035271995.


(8)APOSTLE BRIGHT EBENEZER: He is one of the seasoned men of God in Nigeria. When people contacted Ebola in Nigeria before the disease got into Nigeria, God revealed it to him and he gave prophecy concerning it. He also prophesied that the general election will not hold on the first date it was originally made to hold. He prophesied that the election will be postponed and it happened. One can reach him on 08036730274


(9) APOSTLE STEVE ECHE: He is one of the great prophets of this generation, and prophesied that Buhari will win the presidential election. He said that the election will be massively rigged in Kano and Sokoto, and it happened exactly the way he said it. Kano state gave APC the highest vote. You can reach him on 07064845779.


(10) PASTOR SCHUGGER EZENWA ONYEUKWU: He is a top prophet with apostolic grace. He gave a prophecy concerning Ehime Mbano, Obowo and Ihitte Constituency. He said that he does not see any winner, and behold it was one of the few constituencies that was canceled nationwide. Pastor Schugger is a great prophet, and can be reached on 07065366611.

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