Udeze Rues Eagles’ Lack of Potent Goal Poacher


The inability of Super Eagles’ strikers to score goals is giving former national team defender, Ifeanyi Udeze sleepless nights.

According to Udeze, it is worrisome that the main national team striker, Odion Jude Ighalo has not been able to replicate his club form in the national team.

“Of course it is a big problem for us now because when you look at it, our strikers are not scoring goals as they supposed to score. That is why Victor Agali said it is a concern,” Udeze began.

“It is a big concern because our striker should start scoring goals. That is what we need. We need goals because without goals you cannot win matches. That is why our striker should step up their game to enable them score goals.

“Take for instance, when a coach tells you that I want to give you another chance like in the case of Ighalo that does not mean that he doesn’t believe in you rather it is to ensure that he pushes you to buckle up, wake and start scoring goals because that is what is expected of a striker.

“If you look you will observe that these strikers are scoring goals for their club sides but for the national team I don’t really know what the problem is.

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“But for me, I pray that Ighalo will replicate his club’s goal scoring prowess in the Super Eagles. That is why all our strikers should start scoring goals, that is the only way they will justify their inclusion in the team,” Udeze explained.

On the inclusion of Simeon Nwankwo as one of Eagles’ attackers, Udeze said Nwankwo is a good player, Ighalo is a good player and Ahmed Musa is also a good player but said for him Ighalo is more experienced than Nwankwo and as a result should be given preference in the team.

“For me, Simeon Nwankwo is a good player and Ighalo is also a good player. And if you asked me, Ighalo is more experienced among all the strikers.

“It is true that he has not been scoring goals for Nigeria but he has been banging goals for his club but I want him to replicate his goal scoring form in the national team.

“We need goals in the national team and when you are not scoring goals in the national team, it means that you are giving another striker chance to take your spot in the team. So there is need for them to start scoring goal if they want to retain their positions in the national team,” Udeze explained.

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