Top 10 Prophetic Churches in Lagos


It is explicit for anyone to see that prophetic churches are prevalent these days. It’s also not news that the prophetic churches have taken over the end time ministry. Nigeria and Africa at large being a place of utmost spiritual wickedness, people have taken to prophetic churches in the quest for solutions and issues of life. After our research, we identified some notable ten prophetic churches and their shepherds that have made massive impact in Lagos. BY COLLINS NKWOCHA



Like wildfire the news of his stupendous prophetic grace spread across the globe; it has suddenly made Nigeria a centre of attraction magnetising expatriates who come into the country for short stay just to attend the service on Sunday. He has delivered several accurate and precise prophecies, his prophecies can never be undermined and without being hysterical, Prophet T.B. Joshua is a great force to reckon with, thus, he is ranked number one.

  1. INRI EVANGELICAL SPIRITUAL CHURCH: Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele is one of the most respected prophets in Nigeria, with a lot of accurate and precise prophecies to his credit. People look forward to hearing his prophesies, which has garnered him both national and international recognition. A lot of people in Lagos have made his church a regular place of visit in the quest for solutions to problems and issues of their lives, thus, his closely ranked at number two.
  2. GREATER LIBERATION CITY: The ministry is currently one of the reigning churches in Lagos. The prophetic grace and power gift of Dr. Chris Okafor have made people who are perturbed by issues of life to frequent and make the church their number one, in order to derive solutions to their problems. Dr. Chris Okafor is a well-respected name in Lagos, thus, his ministry stands firm at number three.
  3. WORLD EVANGELISM BIBLE CHURCH: The ministry is located at 51/53, Ogudu Road, Ojota, Lagos. It is one of the ministries that enjoyed massive patronage from Lagosians, and Prophet Samson Ayorinde heads it, with everyone wanting to attend the prophetic church. The ministry is ranked at number four.
  4. CHRIST WORLD GOSPEL MINISTRY: The ministry is currently one of the reigning churches in Lagos, located at 8/10, Bakare Street, Goodluck Jonathan Estate, Idimu Lagos, and is headed by Prophet Olanrewaju Bankole who is the founder and general overseer of the ministry. Prophet Bankole is a dynamic man of God with apostolic mandate, his ability to see into the spiritual cannot be doubted because of accurate prophesies and massive miracles that have taken place in the ministry. As a ministry with prophetic grace, Lagosians have made it one of the most attended churches in the state in the quest for solutions; thus, the ministry is ranked at number five.
  5. (JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP) RESURRECTION PRAISE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL: The church is located at Satellite town Lagos and headed by controversial cleric: Archbishop Samson Benjamin Mustapha. It is a ministry that took entire Lagos by storm. People go to the Church in mass in other to get solutions to issues, as no Lagosian will debate not knowing (Jehovah Sharp Sharp) because the ministry spread like wildfire. It is ranked at number six.
  6. THE ENDTIME SOUL HARVESTERS ASSEMBLY: Prophet Godwin Ibeji has been operating in the prophetic ministry for the past sixteen years, and located at 6, Salvational Army Street, Opposit Randuk Filling Station, Oke-Afa B/Stop, Ikotun-Ejigbo Road, Lagos. Prophet Ibeji is one of the few prophets that gets direct message from God, as God has used his ministry to end a lot of peoples sorrows and afflictions. The ministry has proffered solution to a lot of peoples’ spiritual demands. It is currently one of the reigning churches in Lagos and Lagosians have been visiting the ministry for spiritual solutions. The ministry is ranked at number seven.
  7. LAND OF GRACE HEALING MINISTRY: The ministry, which is located at 5, Land of Grace Avenue, Moshalashi B/Stop, Igando Road, Ikotun, Lagos, has been a huge blessing to people. Dr. Chukwuemeka Odigbo has been a huge blessing to people that is why his followers and admirers call him “PROPHETIC PILOT”. The accuracy of his prophesies is epochal, while the ministry which is also a healing ministry had proffered cures to different sicknesses and diseases through the anointed servant, and thus ranks at number eight.
  8. GRACE REVOLUTION INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY: The ministry is located at Ukpor Civic Center, Lord’s B/Stop, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos. The massive apostolic auction and with his ability to turn their situations around with the money anointing, has made Pastor Schugger Ezenwa Onyeukwu a great force in Lagos. His prophetic grace is complemented with power gift which enables him command results, most of the youth in Lagos have joined his ministry in order to say goodbye to poverty and penury, thus the ministry is ranked at number nine.
  9. EMBASSY OF GOD’S GRACE: The ministry, which is located at Oboye Street, Ejigbo, Lagos is headed by Apostle Igimoh Patrick, the ability of the church to proffer solution to people’s prophetic demand has suddenly made the church a huge place of visit. The ministry has entered a new dawn as it now of the most sort after ministries in Lagos, thus it is ranks at number ten.

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