To Our Pregnant Sisters, Mothers and Wives (OPINION)


By Valentine Obinyem

Below is a private mail I sent to a woman that posted her naked  pregnant picture  on line. Without disclosing her identity, I wish to post it for the edification of our sisters, mothers and wives.

Madam, congratulations!

I was touched by your testimony of being blessed by God after many years of marriage. God is good and may He do for others what He has done for you.

While I congratulate you, may I express a very personal view. In deed the world is changing, but there are values that should remain changeless, one of them is the dignity of motherhood. I do not understand the idea of showing a pregnant woman’s tommy (Baby bumps and all that) on social media. Perhaps  I am old fashioned, but that does not, in my view, pass the text of decency. Look at it this way; if a woman that is not pregnant shows her tommy, it excites revulsion not to talk of those that are pregnant. Meanwhile, part of that incipient culture is the idea of women that are pregnant wearing tight clothes and “show belly.”  It reduces their dignity and I feel somebody should tell them so.

Part of maturity is not doing what is in vague or flowing with the tide, but the ability to think deeply and ask our innermost selves some salient questions: Is this right? Is this desirable? Does it change anything? Does it deviate from the dignity of personhood? Does it add or remove  anything from decent people’s evaluation of my person? What do I hope to achieve by that? At all times, it must be reasonable man’s test.

In the olden days, our forbearers knew no garments but a cloth about the loins. Sometime ago, the nation was stunned by the discovery of Koma people amongst whom nakedness was fashionable.  In the nineties, when I travelled to Sierra lone, Guinea (Conakry), Togo and countries within the West African sub-region, I was surprised to see their women going unshod and even naked in their capital cities (How would it be in the hinterland?)

So how do we define what our women do today? Is it cultural evolution or atavistic throwback to the old and superseded ways –  a return to the  nakedness of Eden? 

The way they are going, one day they will  start showing us the entire processes of childbirth, starting from conception (Intercourse), delineation into trimesters, baby bumps, delivery, first lactation – the full cycle! 

Even amongst musicians,  we often see their male counterparts nicely dressed only for the female dancers to dress in a manner to arouse precipitate lust. Did you gauge how Trump’s wife felt when her naked pictures were published all over the place during electioneering? You may think she did what was in vague or whatever, but for the same society to publish it with the aim of demarketing her shows that there is something revolting about that manner of dressing or nakedness.

Our people  must understand that they live in the society, which has its customs and conventions. Granted that these customs and conventions, the formulated experiences of generations of race, cannot be static because human society is dynamic, but with our individual consciences, we must know what is right and wrong otherwise why  is  thinking part of our humanity?

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