Tinapa Business Resort: Cross River Govt Has Run Out of Ideas, Says Eyo Ekpo


Gubernatorial hopeful of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the forthcoming general elections in Cross River State, Eyo Ekpo has attributed the woes faced by the multi-billion naira Tinapa Business Resort to lack of ideas by the present administration in the state.

Ekpo who recently defected from the People’s Democratic Party to the Social Democratic Party in order to actualize his ambition said the government has let the people down by not letting them know the issues surrounding the shutdown of the facility and also showing clear lack of ideas.

“A lot of our people have already disconnected themselves from this government and what it has been doing. When the Federal Inland Revenue Service shutdown a facility like Tinapa, one would expect that this government would tell the people what was happening and why the tourism asset was shut down, but that was not what we got. No information whatsoever about.

“Though I must say that the problem with Tinapa precedes this administration, but I do blame Ayade for his inability to get the government on top of the issues around Tinapa. I mean to have a real estate asset like Tinapa in Cross River State and not make use of it is a travesty and it actually shows that this administration lacks ideas despite the fact that it has the largest number of appointees ever in the history of Cross River State and probably the largest ever in this country including the Federal Government. The Governor has more than the Federal Government, which has a little over 800 appointees.

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“So, government has become a provider of pocket money to people and it is just more of the same lack of ideas. The challenge that we have is that of ideas. We do have a lot of problems in this State and throwing money at the people is not going to solve anything.

“We have to sit down dissect that challenge, understand the root cause of the problem and address that challenge. As a government, however small the state may be; however poor the State maybe as a people, the mere fact that we have a government, means that we have access to ideas if nothing else.

“Look the truth is that problems are solved not only by money, but largely by ideas. That was established in Cross River State, but this government is not thinking. That is why they expect people to clap because government says it would appoint 200 widows. Where are they going to work and what exactly will they be doing”, he queried.

He said the unwieldy number of appointees in the state has a detrimental impact on projects saying if indeed the government pays civil servants  as well as the appointees, then he is robbing peter to pay paul  and this does not augur well for the overall development of the state.

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“If indeed you are paying civil servants, if indeed you are paying thousands of your appointees, then it means that you are robbing Peter to pay Paul. If the State Government picks up 5 billion every month, Local and State Governments, he should tell us how much the wage bill is for civil servants.  We need to know how much civil servants are paid, his political appointees wages put together and what is left for capital projects and overheads of government.

“You go into government offices, there are no imprest. The civil servants cannot even prints file jackets nor buy writing materials let alone printing materials. They cannot maintain their office equipment nor service faulty facilities like air conditioners, government vehicles nor type government documents in their offices. So, you cannot run government that way and still say you are doing capital projects”, he said.

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