Polytechnics Should Be Mandated to Award Bachelor of Technology Degrees



The Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Dr Dayo Hephzibah Oladebeye has advocated that Polytechnics in the country should be permitted to award Bachelor of Technology, which he said was their core mandate.

Oladebeye who was the first alumnus of the Polytechnic to be appointed as the Rector of the Institution suggested this while reacting to the disparity and dichotomy that have hitherto persisted between the Polytechnic and University graduates.

He noted that Polytechnic education is all about the training and production of graduates with highly skilled technical manpower to turn things around. He was of the opinion that recognition should be given to Polytechnic education and that the government at all levels should endeavour to motivate the system.

He stressed the need for government to declare a state of emergency in the Polytechnic education by recognising the fact that,  that is the only sector that could bring about the transformation that Nigerians are clamouring for in terms of technological advancement.

Oladebeye, being one of the Nigerians who have the intestinal fortitude to implement the changes especially in the Polytechnic better than his predecessors, said whether you are a Polytechnic or University graduates, it is what you are able to offer that would make you stand out better than others.

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Citing his own case as an instance, he said he was always the best at the University he attended for further studies despite the fact that he was a Polytechnic product to the extent that he was being preferred by the professors to his mates that were University graduates.

However,  he explained that the most important thing is for the Polytechnic graduates to be able to distinguish themselves by demonstrating the highest degree of competence.

In his statement ” both the HND and Bachelor Degree Holders are good but ability on the part government to compare their outputs would make a better justification.

The Polytechnic helmsman said that he got to the zenith of both his education and career by a dint of hard work, urging every individual not to be indolent in acquiring more education since there’s no limitation to learning.

Oladebeye who said he has the  vision to make the Federal Poly, Ado-Ekiti an Entrepreneurial Polytechnic,  producing highly technical graduates with the hope of delivering the country from economic quagmire, pointed out that the products of Polytechnics and Universities are good in certain areas but polytechnic is technology-oriented and should be allowed to award Bachelor of Technology.

Without any prevarication, the Rector explained some innovative initiatives of the Polytechnic,  which include, a glass unit production where locally made items called scientific glassware products are being manufactured.  “We have our Innovation Centre which is called Olusegun Obasanjo Innovation Centre, where I was once the Director”. He said.

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Dr. Oladebeye remarks that several products that could compete with international standards have been produced at the centre just as he said that 200KV and 500KV stabilisers being used in some departments of the institution including solar projects and wheelbarrows were produced by the Polytechnic, apart from other products that the Polytechnic is working on such as aluminium pots of good quality and durability.

He said all the products of the Polytechnic are marketed and sold through Ado Poly Ventures and that the innovations of the Polytechnic have been generating more income to the institution as well contributing to the economic growth and technological advancement of the country in line with the mission and vision of the Polytechnic.

Polytechnic education across the globe as in the case of the Federal Poly, Ado, has the mission to train and develop self-reliant manpower for sustainable technological development of Nigeria. While the vision has it as a technological institution disseminating qualitative and practical knowledge for meaningful contribution to local and National technological development.

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