Police Nab Alfa Who Raped an Undergraduate Virgin


•Collected her blood sample and made her mad


A 23 years-old self-acclaimed Islamic cleric, popularly called Alfa Mustapha Ahmed, is presently telling the police all he knows about his alleged gruesome rape of a 22 years-old female undergraduate virgin and deceptive vision of spiritual cleansing that has destabilised the victim’s mental state.

The suspect was alleged by the police, to have deceived his victim simply identified as Ruka, a resident of Ilaje-Bariga, that he saw a vision that she was going to die within 48 hours, if she was not freed from the spirit of death.

Afraid she would die, Ruka, who is an undergraduate of the College of Education, Akoka, Lagos, was said to have followed him to his private residence located at Ita-Oluwa street, Ikorodu, Lagos, where the suspect claimed he would chase out the purported spirit of death, but at the place, the Alfa allegedly raped and took her virginity.

He was said to have wiped off her blood with a white handkerchief and since then, the girl has been behaving abnormally and barking like a dog.

Speaking with The leadng.com, the suspect who did not deny the allegation of false vision and rape of Ruka, blamed the devil for his actions.

According to Ahmed, who hails from Oyo state, “we all reside in the same area, Ruka is my girlfriend’s friend. I have always admired Ruka for sometimes now, and wanted to marry her. So when my friend introduced her to me for spiritual assistance, I revealed to her that she would die less than 48 hours, if a spiritual cleansing and deliverance were not conducted for her because of her spiritual husband. So, I called her on phone and we left my mother’s house at 36, Ogunbekun Street, Bariga, Lagos to Ikorodu, where I have an apartment. This incident took place on April 7, 2018”.

“At Ikorodu, I made her take the first spiritual bath and on the second spiritual bath, I secretly threw a frog into the water she was to bath with and she alerted me, I lied that it was a problem and she would need her boyfriend to come and sex her, but she said she had no boyfriend and urged me to do it for her”.

“It was after the sex that I realised she was a virgin and I wiped the blood with a cloth that has a white patch on it. Since then, nothing has happened until July 12, 2018, when Ruka’s brother invited me that she was ill and misbehaving then police arrested me”.

Asked where he obtained his Islamic training as an Alfa, Ahmed who claimed to be a graduate of Daru-Islam School, Isolo, Lagos, said he regrets his actions and blamed the Devil.


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