Okorocha Charges Pastors to Target Younger Generation in their Teachings


Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has called on Pastors and Evangelists who preach the gospel to target the younger generation in most of their preaching to capture them young and instill the fear of God in them, stating that doing so would greatly help the society.

Okorocha spoke when Evangelist Daniel Colenda led a team of renowned Priests from the Christ For All Nations, (CFAN) The Evangelical Ministry of Reinhard Bonnke paid him courtesy call on Friday, December 7, 2018 at the Government House Owerri, adding that what is seen these days is more of children getting into drugs, cultism, kidnapping, yahoo and what have you.

“Most of the times, we call adults asking for them to repent. Sometimes it’s more difficult to repent at 50 or 60 years, but it’s better to catch them young so that there will be no need for repentance. So, I think more of the preaching now should be targeted at the younger generation,

“Much of your energy now should be channeled towards the children, catch them young to know who Christ is and what they must do to make life better.

“Satan is providing alternatives day by day and making people question the authenticity of God. We need to catch them young and put in them the fear of God. That will help a whole lot,” he stated.

The governor continued “We welcome you. And I hope you’d make out time to speak with our children for these few days you came.

Please make out time out of your busy schedule because I want you to speak to the children of the land and the Commissioner for Education will be informed to assemble them even if it is 10,000 children or 5,000 for the programme,

“Imo State before I came in 2011 could be described as a state in darkness and ignorance. So when people ask me what you could say is your biggest achievement within this period, I’ll say I have brought light to Imo state, wealth and riches aside.

“Wealth and education aside, the light has come and those in bondage have been loosened and people can speak out, which is what I have yearned for as the governor of this State.” he added

In his speech earlier, Evangelist Colenda said, they came to the State for a mega crusade and that the Crusade will be lifting the State up in prayers, asking God to give the governor the wisdom, guidance and blessing because of the job he has to do.

According to him, what Nigeria needs is what his Country America needs and that is Jesus, adding that what is going to happen in the

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