New Biafra Nation will Soon Emerge, Says Uwazuruike 


*Challenges Ohanaeze Ndigbo on Igbo presidency 


Leader of Biafra Independence Movement and the Movement for Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (BIM-MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has said that the recent meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and a Chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu was part of his reason for Biafra agitation for independence.

Uwazuruike berated some Igbo politicians and Ohanaeze Ndigbo who are claiming that it is the turn of Ndigbo to produce the president after the tenure of Buhari, even as he urged such daydreamers to stop deceiving themselves because Igbo man will never be trusted to be allowed to become the president of Nigeria even after 2023.

In a statement signed by the Biafra Director of Information, Mazi Chris Anierobi Mocha, Uwazuruike cautioned BIM-MASSOB members to avoid careless behaviours capable of causing their untimely deaths warning that whatever God has designed or destined to happen, no man can curse or stop the plan.

He further disclosed that Biafra is emerging as a New Nation very soon because God has signed it and no man can stop its actualisation.

Meanwhile, the Biafran Leader has ordered his Western representative in Nigeria, Mayor Ben Onuegbu to reproduce “on the Road to New Biafra” First, and special lecture to Eighteenth Editions.

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The “On the Road to New Biafra” its first edition published on February 2002 by Chief Ralph Uwazuruike were lecture series through which all the BIM-MASSOB members got to know some of the basic principles of a genuine Biafran freedom fighter. The lecture is restricted to BIM MASSOB Members only.

Uwazuruike said the editions are very critical to members who joined the struggle after year 2005 and said each copy would be sold at the rate of N00.00 only.

Responding, Mayor Ben Onuegbu described the Biafran Leader as a true prophet of God, and expressed happiness that there was no prophecies in the “On the Road to New Biafra Books” about Nigeria that never came to pass.

In the second edition printed on June 22, 2002 Uwazuruike was quoted to have said among other things that there was plan to Islamize Nigeria and that Igbos have remained in Nigeria since 1914, and nothing to show for it, except quiet grumbling about their stay in Nigeria.

It posited that Igbos brought independence to Nigeria, but today,. They are at the balcony of power in the country.

The lecture regretted that Igbos have propagated the theory of one Nigeria more than any other tribe, but today they have been pushed out of the country.

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Continuing the lecture said Igbos carried love to the doorsteps of the Yoruba and Hausa Fulanis but they chased Ndigbo away with bows and arrows just as they agreed to stay with them in Nigeria, but the Hausa Fulanis and Yorubas preferred to keep Igbos aside and are being treated as conquered vessels.

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