Alleged Homosexual Escapes Mob-lynching in Onitsha


A suspected 28-year-old man Mr. Chukwuemeka Esimoneze, who is said to be a homosexual, escaped death by the whiskers on Monday at Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State.

For him trouble started for the homosexual when he was caught naked with a yet to be identified male student who took to his heel when a food vendor went to ease herself at a hiding corner, in a motor mechanic workshop, saw them in the act and alerted the neighbours and passers-by.

However, Esimoneze was not lucky as he was immediately caught by the neighbours and the passers-by, who metamorphosed into angry mob on identifying him as the serial homosexual who on three occasions has been caught, beaten up over the same offence and warned that if caught again would be lynched.

Consequently, on being led to where he would be lynched or set ablaze alive as some were seen carrying used tyres, he started pleading for leniency but his plea fell on deaf ears as the mob was desirous of lynching him.

On the process of heading to the slaughter arena, some area boys believed to be street urchins emerged from nowhere and demanded chance to hear from the victim

The suspected homosexual then opened up saying, “my name is Chukwuemeka Esimoneze, I am 28 years old and I live within the vicinity with my elder brother, Mr Vincent Esimoneze and I worship in the Anglican church behind. I promise I will not do it again because it is devil that came over me and tormented me”

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As soon as he finished the plea, heated argument ensued between the mob and the street urchins, which led to a free-for-all fight and on the process, the suspected homosexual escaped to God knows where and was not seen after the fight.

Reacting, a resident of the area, who simply identified himself as Okechukwu, vowed, “that idiot called Anthony Chukwuemeka Esimoneze, is notorious in homosexuality in this community and we will kill him whenever we see him because what he is into is against God and man.”


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