Akwa Ibom: Re-elect Emmanuel for Peace, Industrialisation to Continue, Says Speaker



Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Mr Onofiok Luke is seeking the re-election of Governor Udom Emmanuel on the grounds that there is peace, security, industrialization and infrastructural development in the state.

Luke said the three years administration of Emmanuel has witnessed peace in the state, adding that the security challenges experienced in the state before the onset of his government has been checked.

Speaking on Thursday in Uyo, the Speaker noted that the governor has through his industrialisation programmes built industries in the state that were non existent in the 31 years of the state’s creation.

He said the government has invested massively in the area of power supply through the different power plants built in the state to boost power and promoye the citing of industries.

According to the Speaker who said that there cannot be industrialization without security, he stated that the governor has been working with security agencies in the state to make sure the lives and property of citizens are secured.

He said plans are under way for a security trust fund to be established in the state for security officers, adding that the trust fund which will have the backing of the legislature would take off in the second tenure of the governor.

He called on the people of the state to be patient with the state governor and not judge him based on the circumstances of his being governor, stating that the economic recession affected the financial fortunes of the state when Emmanuel became governor.

He added that every government in the state after the return to democratic rule in 1999 had to struggle through its first tenure to find its feet and that it was in their second term in office that previous  governments performed very well.

“We are running our campaign based on issues. We cannot do anything without God. Our campaign is anchored only on God. It is only God who can give the grace,  the enablement, and the resources to make sure that we have the development that we need.

“Two clear themes come out very clearly on which we stand for Udom Emmanuel  to be re-elected: we have enjoyed peace in Akwa Ibom since he became governor. We were all here and we knew about what used to happen in the past. We don’t know why these things happened but we have seen change in that and we want that peace to continue.

“We don’t have issues of very dicey security like child abduction and even the issue of militancy anymore due to the leadership disposition and grace of God upon the life of the governor and his character; he has been able to engender peace in the state. For the sake of that peace to continue,  we want him to be re-elected.

“He came on the platform of industrialisation. You cannot develop a place without peace, without the security of lives and property. For us to have that industrialisation crystallised, we ask that he be re-elected. Industrialisation brings about prosperity and we are asking him to keep industrialising Akwa Ibom in peace.

“For you to have an industrialised state, there are basis things – one is infrastructure. You cannot have industries cited where you don’t have infrastructure and the basic amenities is the roads, where you can have access to raw materials and equally have the thoroughfare to evacuate products after it has been finished in the factory to where you have the necessary markets.

“That is why His Excellency is putting all efforts to make sure the roads in the mainland and hinterlands are developed, that is why he constructing roads in the hinterlands. That is why the little funds that come to the state, he makes sure that the funds are shared to the different contractors to make sure those roads are completed,” he said.

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